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Insulation - get 3 free quotes

by Erik Tilbud Olsen about a year ago in business

Save both energy and money with insulation

Cheap insulation is a controversial topic, especially due to the rising costs of electricity, oil and general energy. There are many ways to insulate or re-insulate your house. You can insulate cavity wall, floor, ceiling, etc. Read more about why it is smart to insulate.

Insulation can be a bit of a jungle, what type to choose, who to contact and what is the price of insulation .. We make it very simple for you, you send your insulation task to us, and then you will be contacted by 3 insulation companies who can perform your task.

Floor insulation

There are many floors that are not insulated sufficiently, it can be easily and cheaply remedied with a re-insulation of the floor. Floor separations can also easily be insulated with a significant gain in the form of a somewhat lower heating bill. A side benefit of insulating in floor separations is that the insulation is noise-reducing, ergo sound-insulated at the same time. Get quotes on insulating your floor now.

Cavity wall insulation

Most older houses (from before 1975) are not cavity wall insulated as standard. This means a large heat loss, and thus a large heat bill. A cavity wall insulation can be done very easily, and will pay for itself in between 1-4 years, because you simply get such a big saving on the heating bill. Cavity wall insulation can be done with both Rockwool, paper wool and flamingo granules. And all products are blown into the cavity wall, so it is a relatively small task to handle, however, there is a great gain to be gained from a cavity wall insulation.

Insulation of crawl space

If there is a crawl space under your floor, it can be a really good idea to insulate the crawl space. Insulation basements are insulated to avoid moisture and cold from the ground. When insulating crawl spaces, it is very important that the ventilation still works, so that rot and fungus are avoided. collaborates with professional companies that can insulate your crawl space.

Ceiling insulation

If your ceiling is not insulated well enough, it can again be extremely profitable to have a re-insulation done. You can even check if your ceiling is insulated well enough. There must be a minimum of 300 mm everywhere. insulation, pay particular attention to whether the insulation has collapsed or whether there are holes in the ceiling insulation. Are there holes or is the insulation itself less than 300 mm. then it pays to have the ceiling re-insulated. You can insulate the ceiling with loose granules, but also the traditional batts. collaborates with many companies around Denmark which can help you to partly check - but also to insulate your ceiling.

Isolation tasks can help you with:

  • Insulation with Rockwool, Paper Wool, Isover or Flamingo
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • Insulation of crawl space
  • Ceiling insulation
  • Supply in floor separations
  • Insulation in skunk rooms or sloping walls
  • Sound insulation
  • Insulation of built-up roof

How to get cheap insulation

You spend 2 minutes filling out our free quote form, thereby describing your task.

We find 3 insulation companies that can perform your task, and which are within your geographical area.

The insulation companies contact you and give you the price directly over the phone, or arrange an inspection meeting.

You choose who you want to perform your insulation task!

Submit your housing improvements immediately, can follow you well on its way with 2-3 super cheap insulation company offers. Did you know that day after day we send in lots of profitable offers at no charge to people in town and on land. We will put you in touch with those of our professional partners who are most reliable in taking on your particular insulation task.

If you prefer to spend your energy on insulation with rockwool, thermal insulation or floor insulation, then the solution is to receive 3 beautiful insulator offers. Passionate insulation experts of course offer to service customers everywhere, for example in Lyngby-Taarbæk municipality. Save on your task (25-41 per cent) with a highly motivated and solid specialist close to you.

Lærke Baltser in Lyngby received 3 distinguished insulation price offers of approximately 65 hours and chose the offer from the company Vimo Isolation ApS. Find three irresistible offers from an insulator who has the competence to assess your insulation task near you. At we find 3 super good insulator offers for eg interior insulation, insulation with wood fiber, flamingo insulation or insulation with rockwool.


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