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Insights From The Success of People With Disabilities

People with disabilities have become great talents, while many healthy people are mediocre. This phenomenon leaves people thinking about how painful and embarrassing it is!

By BobbyPublished about a year ago 8 min read
Insights From The Success of People With Disabilities
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  People with disabilities have become great talents, while many healthy people are mediocre. This phenomenon leaves people thinking about how painful and embarrassing it is!

  People with disabilities become successful and famous, paying a greater price than healthy people. Overcome the difficulties more than ordinary people imagine. This is inseparable from the disabled people's own will to struggle with fate, the faith in the pursuit of ideals, the realm of lofty ideas, and the spirit of perseverance.

  The author of the famous "black hole theory" and "A Brief History of Time", who has made outstanding contributions to the development of quantum cosmology - the disabled Man Hawking replied: I want to thank God if I were not disabled, the wine bar, the ballroom would have left my footsteps. I am disabled, less social chores can focus time to think about the problem. In one sentence, the most important factor for the success of people with disabilities is derived.

  1, the most important factor for the success of people with disabilities - have enough time to think about the problem. People with disabilities have enough time to concentrate on their favorite careers. And time to devote, healthy people because of health, everything you want to do, anything can do, today want to do this, tomorrow want to do that. And social ballroom dance halls, wine venues, socializing; chatting on the Internet to play games, play mahjong to engage in cultural and sports activities; travel and tourism can not be less. Both want to do a good job in the business, but also to entertain happily; both to make profits, but also think about being famous; the desire to be very big ah. As a result, time is divided into pieces, wanting to do everything, but in the end, nothing is done. For the disabled, because of the disability, movement is restricted, and many things can not do. You can only choose that in a narrow area that suits you and focus your time and energy on one thing, other desires are not and cannot be. Other desires are firmly limited. Disabled people do things like a drop of water, always at a point of dripping non-stop, over time, it penetrates the stubborn stone. This is the spirit of people with disabilities that the drop of water penetrates the stone.

  Disabled people envy healthy people's lives in the style of dazzling, convenient freedom of action; and healthy people also have too much freedom of action, so time passes freely. People with disabilities do not have the freedom of movement that healthy people have. Stephen Hawking is a myth, one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists of our time, a scientific giant ...... who is simply a warrior in a wheelchair, defying fate. From the singularity of the Big Bang to the mechanism of black hole radiation, Hawking has made outstanding contributions to the development of quantum cosmology. Hawking received the 1988 Wolf Prize for Physics. His success is the most vivid portrayal of the disabled spirit of water drops through the stone.

  2, the physical factors of success of people with disabilities - more than normal people have some "special features". Therefore, people with disabilities have more ambition. To turn the inequalities of the world upside down. People with disabilities have unusually sensitive organs. They have to take up their social responsibilities as normal people do, and do something meaningful for society and the country. The blind man cannot use his eyes to feel the beautiful things and pleasures brought to him by the seasons. God closed his bright eyes but opened his beautiful heart so that it can be tenacious to create its colorful world. Helen Keller, who could not see, succeeded in her efforts and became a famous writer, but healthy people are not as good as her.

  Deaf and dumb people cannot hear and participate in happy conversations between people. He cannot hear the beautiful music of the world. However, his life is still beautiful. He used his heart to feel nature and the little things around him, which also made her happy. Helen Keller was blind, deaf, and mute since childhood, but she overcame great difficulties to finish college and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1964. She is an American deaf-blind woman writer and disabled educator. Wang Yifen, a mute, was born unable to speak. His parents acted in operas regularly, keeping in mind that although no one taught him, he rose early and practiced every day, tirelessly for years. He became a famous martial artist in the theater and was regarded as a mentor by the troupe.

  A person who is not handy with his hands and feet, cannot do as many exercises as an able-bodied person with ease and comfort. In the eyes of ordinary people, it is so easy for a healthy person to write a word, draw a picture or tie a sweater. But in the eyes of a disabled person, it is so, so difficult. For all the disabled people in the world, maybe God is a little unfair to them, but they did not just give up. They use a thousand times more or even more and more effort than ordinary people, to accomplish what ordinary people can easily accomplish. Meng Hongshou, a cripple, suffered from cartilage disease when he was young, his body was long and his legs were short, his head was big and his feet were small, so he was very unstable when he walked. So he studied and practiced hard, and later became a master of clowning. Zhang Haidi, who had never been to school, learned several foreign languages on her own. Beethoven was born poor and learned music with his father since he was a child, and started playing at the age of 8. Through his efforts and overcoming various difficulties, he composed many excellent works throughout his life, which were loved by people all over the world, and his achievements had a great influence on the development of music and art in Europe at the same time and later. Demosthenes, the ancient Greek orator, became famous for practicing his speeches with stones in his mouth on the seashore and finally became an orator; Zhou Zhou went from "retarded" to "genius" music conductor. Zhou Zhou's blood flowed with melody, and every heartbeat of his had notes leaping in it. Sima Qian was physically handicapped, but he wrote the historical records and passed them on for thousands of years! Sun Bin is physically handicapped with a missing patella, wrote Sun Bin's Art of War, and defeated Pang Don! Roosevelt is the president of polio! Steven Hawking, only 3 fingers can move! Singing Zheng Zhihua, Li Chen ...... they use their unique advantages to feel nature. Although their bodies are not able-bodied, the windows of their minds are not closed. They have exchanged their efforts for much more than our average people. Perhaps they experience what ordinary people do not experience. Their "special function" is made of special materials - the physiological steel-like will.

  3, the determinants of success for people with disabilities - hard work. People with disabilities are much more diligent than normal people, which is the decisive factor in the success of people with disabilities.

  Success is everyone's dream, but not everyone can become a success. The secret of success is only two words - hard work. Many factors affect success, such as talent, environment, opportunity and other conditions are important, but more importantly, the decisive role is their diligence and hard work. People with disabilities have time, but if they are not diligent, is time useful? If you don't let go and try, explore and discover, can you become a success? Disabled people have no hands, try to write with their feet, disabled people have no eyes, try to use a stick to explore the road, disabled people have no feet, find a pestle stick as a crutch, or the invention of prosthetics can walk ......

  A philosopher once said: that the world can climb the pyramid of two kinds of creatures: one is the eagle and a snail. Whether it is the eagle or the mediocre qualifications of the snail, can reach the top of the tower, look around, and look down on the miles, are inseparable from the two words - hard work.

  Countless facts prove the truth that success comes from hard work. Success lies in diligence. Wisdom is not a gift from nature, but the result of diligence. Only by holding the key of diligence can you open the door to the treasure house of knowledge. Diligence is the flint, knocking out the fire of information; diligence is the fire, lighting the lamp of the ideal; diligence is the lighthouse, illuminating the road of life; diligence is the big road, guiding us to the tomorrow of success!

  If we have mediocre intelligence and average ability, diligence can make up for our shortcomings; if we have clear goals and proper methods, diligence will make us fruitful; if we are talented and gifted, diligence will make us gain great achievements. But if we do not work diligently to study, we will eventually get nothing.

  4, the quality of disabled people's success factors - have the will to fight tenaciously with fate. People with disabilities have encountered more setbacks in life than healthy people, and their mobility is limited, so they are more patient than healthy people, more meticulous work attitude, and have better stability. They have the will to fight against fate, the spirit of perseverance, the belief in the pursuit of ideals, and the realm of idealism. These qualities of will are the instinctive needs of people with disabilities to enter the world to survive and be self-reliant. People with disabilities are well aware that it is not easy to be fortunate enough to come into the world. To fight, to cherish each day with a tenacious struggle with fate, and never give up.

  We healthy people also get a profound inspiration from it, learn from the disabled that determined and persistent spirit, curb the flood of desire, miserly time and energy of the arbitrary expenditure, focus more time and energy, and strive to do a good job. Diligence and hard work, stubbornly fighting with fate, is not only a method and a spirit but also the right choice for healthy people to succeed and become successful.


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