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Impact of neon signs for branding and marketing of a bar

neon signs for a bar

By crazy neonPublished 12 months ago 5 min read


The impact of neon signs on marketing is immense. In a 2012 survey done by Ketchum Global Research, almost 68 percent of participants stated that they purchased a product or service just because a neon sign caught their eye. Neon signs have been used in bars for several years, and they still remain the best marketing tool for bars and restaurants. These eye-catching signs have the capacity to draw attention and create a specific environment or mood, making them an effective branding and marketing tool for bars and nightclubs of all sizes. In this post, we'll look at how neon signs affect a bar's brand and marketing activities.

Why have neon signs been staple in bars over the years

Neon signs have been used in bars for the longest time and there are 3 main reasons why they still remain popular. We will go through all the reasons:

1. Attract customer attention

Neon signs do a great job of grabbing customers' attention, especially on a crowded street or a busy highway. Neon signs' brilliant, bold colors and unique shapes can leave a lasting impression and help bars and nightclubs stand out from their competitors.

Furthermore, neon signs are highly customizable and can be created to suit the establishment's personality and identity. This implies that bars and nightclubs can develop a distinct and recognizable visual identity that appeals to customers and distinguishes them from the competition.

Our brains are wired to interpret visual information swiftly and instinctively, and neon signs take advantage of this by utilizing bright, contrasting colors and unusual designs to create a visual show that is difficult to ignore. For example, red provokes excitement, so it is the ideal color to be used for neon bar signs.

2. Communicating brand values

Aside from attracting our attention and provoking emotions, neon signs can be a good tool for bars to communicate with their customers. Neon signs font and design play a vital role in helping the sign communicate effectively with consumers.

Serif fonts, for example, are frequently linked with tradition and refinement, whereas sans-serif fonts represent modernism and simplicity. Bars and nightclubs may build a unified and easily recognizable visual identity by selecting a font that matches their brand personality.

Similar to fonts, designs are equally important. For example, a bar with a cocktail shaker or margarita glass as a neon sign would mean that the bar specializes in making amazing cocktails. On the other hand, a bar with a guitar or music neon sign may mean they organize live music shows.

3. Enhanced customer experience

Neon signs also help create a nice, cozy atmosphere for the customers. They can enjoy not only their favorite drink but also the vibe created by the neon signs. Neon signs may help consumers feel more engaged, relaxed, and entertained while they enjoy their drinks and socialize with friends by creating a distinctive and memorable ambiance.

For example, a yellow neon sign can make the customers more relaxed, helping them enjoy their drink properly, while a green or pink neon light creates an energetic atmosphere that can be used near dance floors.

Factors to consider before selecting a neon light for your bar

When selecting neon signs for your bar, keep your brand's individuality and the environment you want to create in mind. Here are some pointers to help you select the best neon signs:

● Choose neon signs that represent the personality of the bar and express the message you want to send to your customers.

● Neon signs are available in a number of colors, so select ones that complement your brand's color scheme and elicit the appropriate emotions in your clients.

● Don't overburden your customers with neon signs. Keep it simple by focusing on a few important items that will have a large impact. For example, a neon beer sign can work effectively to communicate that your bar has different beer brands and custom beers.

● Consider utilizing your bar's name or logo in a neon sign to increase brand recognition.

● Consider where you want to put your neon bar lights to get the most exposure and effect.

● Choose high-quality, long-lasting neon signs to save money in the long term and help retain your brand's image. Make sure not to buy cheap neon beer signs, as low-quality signs will cost you more in the long term.

Overall, selecting the correct neon signs may be a creative and exciting approach to improving your bar's branding and marketing efforts.


The impact of neon signs on a bar's brand and marketing activities is huge. These colorful and eye-catching signs may help bars stand out from the crowd, create a distinct environment, and increase brand identification. Bars may improve their overall branding and marketing tactics by selecting the correct neon signs that represent their brand personality, colors, and messaging. Finally, investing in high-quality neon signs may be a cost-effective and innovative method for bars to attract and retain customers, enhance visibility and revenue, and establish a strong brand image that connects with their target audience.

If you are looking to buy neon signs for your bar, you must check out CrazyNeon. They are one of the best manufacturers of neon signs and have an amazing range of ready-made neon signs for bars, weddings, gaming, and home decor.

You can also customize your own neon signs according to your business requirements. Visit their website to learn more about their products and customization services.


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