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Iman Gadzhi, from dropout at 17 to a millionaire at 21.

Here's the man behind the world's largest education company for agency owners.

By Ethan BrownPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Iman Gadzhi

Iman Gadzhi is a British entrepreneur, digital marketing agency owner, and the founder of IAG Media and, the world's largest education company for agency owners.

Early Life

Very quickly, his idyllic childhood started to fade. His mother separated from his step-dad and we were plunged back into our old lives: his stepdad cut them off entirely.

At the age of fourteen, Iman faced an awful burden: taking care of himself and his mother.

Iman is a son to a single mother and has seen very bad conditions when he was young. He shifted to London which became his destiny to succeed. Despite a childhood dream compelling Iman to make it as a professional footballer, he realized, aged 15, he simply wasn’t good enough.

So he started on Instagram. Buying and selling accounts. It made a decent amount of money for a 16-year-old too! And then, in one bad decision, managed to lose it all by investing in one account that failed dramatically.

As a young child, facing failures in anything hits hard, but Iman didn't stop there.

He dropped out of high school at 17 and dedicated his life to entrepreneurship, with a vision to change the education system. Iman now earns six figures in monthly revenue. That's what we call dedication.

Achievements & Organisation

Iman says that he started his agency by accident, he used to handle social media for a local football team when he was young, that's when he got into the agency idea. He started his digital marketing agency, providing management services to clients.

He then started to lose clients, as social media management isn't just enough to grow a client's business. Iman then started to sell Facebook ads services to customers, he bought all courses to learn but was still struggling.

Iman later found out that he could hire people to do work for clients and he could take care of the sales and operations. This turned his business 360 degrees. He grossed over $100k in revenue in the next 2 years and was now stable.

Iman was now getting noticed by people as he also documented himself on YouTube and Instagram. The irony is that his education company, also started as an accident

And then one day, Iman met up with a YouTube subscriber, who asked him if he could show him how he built his agency.

Iman told him 'of course', but he insisted on asking him ‘how much do you charge an hour?’

This was brand new to Iman. He'd provided services to companies before, but he'd never been consulted on how to grow an agency – that seemed absurd!

But Iman responded ‘£100’.

That very same student, after only two hours of Iman's ‘coaching,’ went on to sign his first $1,500/pm client.

And this was the beginning of his new organization, Grow Your Agency, where Iman and his team trained students about growing their agency and running a business. is now the world's largest education company for agency owners. Iman is now working on his vision to change the current education system and reforming it to a much better one.

But staying true to their ethics, Iman takes 10% of the annual profits from and puts it straight into building schools in under-developing countries, to shape the school system the right way.


This shows how ethics and values play an important role in building a business and being a correct entrepreneur. Iman is an example of living the dreams and taking the right decisions. Although having such dark times in the past, he didn't let it become an excuse and achieved what he had to.


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