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I See Your Smiles

Love Actually Is All Around

By Daniel J. HeckPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
I See Your Smiles
Photo by Vicky Hladynets on Unsplash

It never hurts to smile. It makes us feel good inside even when we’re hurting, reminds us not to take life too seriously. And when we give ourselves and others the love of smiles, it multiplies in people’s hearts. You never know whether you might be drastically picking up someone’s day by giving them a little ray of sunshine. We each have an inner light that is so important to not keep hidden, or as the religious saying goes, “don’t hide it under a bushel basket.” And yet, sometimes we need to keep some emotions contained. Inner anger can hurt someone else or ourselves, and sometimes we as human beings aren’t even fully aware of how much this feeling poisons ourselves. But there is someone watching who sees every time you smile. It’s such a small gesture, but small things add up to long-term results, mindsets or leanings toward certain feelings that become cyclical. This is as true for the positive as it is for the negative. So which are you going to choose?

As of late, I’ve decided to more thoroughly get my thoughts out on paper, and put more passion into the power of expression via writing and even computer programming. Wait, you might say, that’s in a completely different language that makes no sense to most people! But that’s the point when you consider the international perspective, that we are all human and that love and inner light transcend different languages, cultures and viewpoints.

Give yourself a healthy inner “viewpoint” by taking advantage of your “mind’s eye.” Imagine what you want to see happen, and then make it happen! If you have enough faith, someone out there will back you up on your ideas. Whether that’s God, your parents, your siblings, your workmates, classmates or whomever, you can always count on support if you just ask for it.

But remember too, your behavior today influences who you become tomorrow. Every bit of joy you can give yourself counts, within reason. Don’t take it at the expense of others, but a smile helps both the giver and the receiver. We need endorphins and positive energy as human beings!

The subtitle for this short essay is of course from “Love Actually,” a charming film with lots of big stars that sends multiple messages spread over the stories of many varying relationships. Sure, the characters have their trials and tribulations in loving each other, but it’s all rather pointless if they hadn’t learned to love themselves.

So, really, what does it mean that love is “all around?” It is really both “all around” and “all within” if we let it be. Believe in yourself enough, and it can feel like your whole body is smiling, not just your mouth.

Give your entire body and soul self-care in all ways possible, both from the outside in and the inside out. Believe you are breathing in the good and exhaling the bad, from any particular day’s worth of activity and you will find that your attitude adjusts to match!

When you don’t feel like smiling might just be exactly when YOU need it most.


About the Creator

Daniel J. Heck

Poet, journaler, short fiction composer, interactive story writer, board game designer. I believe in the power of multiple creative voices within one person, and of variety as the spice of life!

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