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Hurricane debris

by Dixon Kiddo 2 months ago in humanity
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Single pane windows

Hurricane debris
Photo by Andrei Ciobanu on Unsplash

As I sit here during Hurricane Ian, in what I hoped would be stormy silence and solitude. One of our tin roof panels is wedged between the house and the truck making the loudest noises beneath our bedroom and I’m beginning to feel like I’m an ant inside of a tin can. This coastal living is as intense as it is grand. You know it’s bad with hurricane Ian when the Waffle House has closed 21 locations in the state of Florida.

Waking up this morning we had power and then 2 minutes later it was gone, so we made it though the night with power and hurricane Ian is now a tropical storm. The power had gone out right before I was able to make morning coffee. Minor inconvenience considering the loss going on in the state right now. That of which I don’t have the current technology to view as I’m actually writing this by limited sun and candlelight.

My husband was wise enough to make iced coffee last night so that should be enough to fuel us until the Waffle House opens back up.

Siting inside thinking about what’s going on at Carole Baskins big cat rescue. Are the cats even safe there? Will they end up at the Waffle House after this is all over. Most likely after Hurricane Ian passes the state of Florida will look like a Lisa frank binder in flames.

We definitely need to invest in new windows. Although I’m so grateful things are going well on the Atlantic side of Ian, I’m just thinking of this old houses future. The windows are single pane and somehow made it through all these years but it would be great to hear less of what’s going on outside. Like driving with no radio on and wondering if that’s just how your car sounds or is that a flat tire? Noted, windows are more important right now than having the pool of your dreams put in just so it can be another thing to take care of during storms.

I’m going to need to put headphones on soon, this loud panel is relentlessly flapping around in the breeze and while I’m sorry to my neighbors, they all have brand new windows and probably can’t even hear it.

The new house behind us, which was built after hurricane Matthew and Irma for the sole purpose of annoying us after my husband’s kidney transplant. It is a giant rental property that stole the beautiful view and gave us quick turn tourists every week. She has asked us if we would go in on a fence with them, she basically wanted us to help support her vacation rental right after my husband got home from surgery. I was pretty pissed she would even ask knowing we had been though so many storms in recent years. Does she even see what happens to fences around here? It was laughable and now her fence is down and I want to say I told you so. The bamboo we planted and hoped she would agree on is standing tall and doing what bamboo is so great at in the wind. Bending and flowing gracefully. I think we will stick to the bamboo. It also loves all this rain! Small victories over here and I’ll take it. Along with the new swales they’ve been putting in that are working wonderfully to ensure we do not get flooding in our garage again and need to replace the washer and dryer for what would be the 4th time.

Well folks, this is my rant and Hurricane debris thoughts. I am nervous to see the news and thinking of ways we can help when this is all over. The folks out on the west coast have a long road ahead but this is the price of paradise in the sunshine state. Stay inside, don’t be a hero and grab loud tin panels even if they’re driving you insane, stay safe!


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Dixon Kiddo

I’m here Rekindling my love for writing. Living in Florida trying to avoid the heat by telling a few stories. Enjoy!

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