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Hungary's Orban blocks aid for Ukraine, says he can still halt EU accession

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By Ahnaf Published 4 months ago 3 min read
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BRUSSELS/ BUDAPEST, Dec 15( Reuters)- Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban nixed a major European Union aid package for Ukraine on Friday and advised he could still halt Kyiv's accession to the bloc after class addresses won EU blessing.

At a peak in Brussels on Thursday, the European Union's 26 other public leaders took the major step of agreeing to start accession accommodations with a country at war, bypassing Orban's grievances by getting him to leave the room.

But, hours latterly, they couldn't overcome resistance from Orban, who maintains close ties to Russia, to a revamp of the bloc's budget to channel 50 billion euros($ 55 billion) to Ukraine and give further cash for other EU precedences similar as managing migration.

The Kremlin praised Orban's station, which spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said impressed Moscow, while criticising the EU, saying the decision to open class addresses was a politicised bone

that could destabilise the bloc.

Orban, who has a history of banking on clashes with other EU leaders for electoral benefit at home, told state radio that he blocked the aid package to Ukraine- part of a broadermulti-year budget plan- to make sure Hungary gets the finances it wants from the EU budget.

" It's a great occasion for Hungary to make it clear that it must get what it's entitled to. Not half of it, or one- fourth," he said.

The advance on a class path- which also showed the limits of Orban's power to bend EU opinions his way- came at a critical time for Ukraine with itscounter-offensive against Russian irruption forces having failed to make major earnings and withU.S. President Joe Biden so far unfit to get a$ 60 billion package for Kyiv through Congress.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy hailed the blessing of class addresses as a palm for Ukraine and Europe.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said as he arrived for fresh addresses on Friday that the decision to start accession addresses made him" proud to be European" and was cause to celebrate, indeed if it was" only the first runner of a veritably long, long process".


But Orban advised Hungary could still block the addresses at any time.

" This is a bad decision," the nationalist leader said." We can halt this process latterly on, and if demanded we will pull the thickets, and the ultimate decision will be made by Hungarian congress."

The EU leaders ended addresses on the fiscal package, which requires agreement, in the early hours of Friday and said they would try again in January, venting sanguinity a deal could be settled also.

" I can assure you, Ukraine won't be left without support, there are different ways to do this," Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said." I'm enough confident we will have a result by January."

Member countries could also give aid collectively or strike separate deals.

" The communication to Ukraine is we will be there to support you, we just need to figure out a many of the details together," Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said.

Although class would probably be numerous times down, the decision at the Brussels peak took Ukraine a step closer to its long- term strategic thing of anchoring itself in the West and liberating itself from Russia's route.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz played a crucial part in getting Orban to leave the room to clear the way for a decision, diplomats and officers said.

De Croo, reflecting frustration with Orban, said it was time for the Hungarian to pipe down.

still, you agree with the decision, or latterly you just have to keep your mouth shut," If you're part of the decision.

EU leaders reconvened on Friday to bandy other motifs including the Israel- Hamas war.

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