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HTTYD: Snoggletog Log Review

by Jamie Lammers about a year ago in movie review
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Literally a virtual fireplace. Why am I posting this?

This review comes from my Letterboxd profile, where I review movies I see.

I didn't think I was gonna do this review because I didn't know I could easily find this thing, but it's on Hulu, so what do I know? I'll be honest... I didn't sit through this entire thing and I'm not going to. I refuse. You know why? Because this is literally just a virtual fireplace with HTTYD characters and skins. That's it. That's all you're getting here. I just skimmed through this thing to watch all of the short moments that the characters and dragons have so that I didn't have to sit and watch the fireplace or listen to the music in the background for half an hour. This is something you're supposed to put in the background and let play and I understand that, but it's the most pointless HTTYD thing I've ever seen in my life. I'm angrier than I should be about this, but I'm still in shock that this thing is available as a program to watch on Hulu.

They couldn't even get the original voice actors in to do the characters for this thing (except for one, which I'll talk about in a second). Now, look, I understand not being able to get Jay Baruchel in to do those extras on the DVDs or the online games or something like that, but in this case, these guys already had these actors at their disposal because of Homecoming, so why couldn't they just get them to do a couple extra lines for their characters? That would have given a lot more value to this short. I'm even more annoyed by the fact that they didn't do this because they actually got Craig Ferguson here to voice Gobber, so why couldn't they get the original voice actors to play Hiccup and Astrid and everyone else that appears here just for a little bit of extra value? Hell, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Ruffnut only get, like, two lines each, so that would have been really easy to record.

Listen, if this was an extra on the Homecoming DVD and you knew it was a virtual fireplace beforehand and you went in wanting that, then I would be completely fine with this thing's existence. However, when you're searching on Hulu and you see this pop up and you think to yourself, "Huh, I wonder what this is? Will this make up for the blandness of Homecoming? Nope, it's even more pointless than that short," it's REALLY disappointing. I'm giving it an average score because it accomplishes exactly what it wants to do and it would have worked fine as a DVD extra, but... why is it on Hulu? Just why? It's not a program, it's a virtual fireplace. Leave it as a DVD extra where it belongs. Aye aye aye, I'm probably way angrier about this than I should be, but this was just annoying.

Like I said, I didn't bother to sit through the parts of this thing where it was just the fireplace and music playing in the background because I didn't want to sit there for 28 minutes just to review a freaking virtual fireplace. I wanted to review it, so I cheated the system a little bit. I hope you guys are okay with that and my opinion is still valid. But why is this designated as a program on Letterboxd? Just why? Oh, well. If it's a program on Letterboxd, keep it up. I don't want it going the way of my TomSka reviews where the short films are removed from this site and my reviews are deleted in the process, so if it means one extra review from me, keep it up, but man, that was disappointing.

Letter Grade: C

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