How Your Business Can Make Big Money Shooting Facebook 360 Videos

by Philip P. 3 years ago in business / advice

Here's how to use 360-degree videos to your business marketing.

How Your Business Can Make Big Money Shooting Facebook 360 Videos

If you run a successful business you're always looking for the next big thing to take you to the next level. After all, they say what got you here won't necessarily get you there. It turns out in the marketing world it's usually true unless you're very lucky.

Do you know how many marketers are going to be using videos more than ever this year? The internet is apparently going to be filled with so many videos it will account for roughly three-quarters of content published. That sounds like too much competition, so how are you going to stand out?

Turn Your Attention Towards Facebook 360

Even Mark Zuckerberg knows Facebook 360 is going to be bigger than anything since the inception of Facebook. When titans of the tech world latch onto something you know it's going to be big. Do you think it has the potential to destroy normal videos?

In case you're not fully up to speed with it, we'll quickly explain what 360 video is all about. You'll basically have a camera with the ability to see in a complete 360-degree circle, which is where the name comes from. Instead of watching a standard video, viewers can actually engage with it.

This can be done in a number of different ways. Someone could easily rotate the camera from their browser using a mouse. If they wanted to take things up a few notches the technology is compatible with VR headsets and it will feel extremely lifelike.

How You Can Use Facebook 360 to Your Advantage

Before you do anything you have to realize one thing. The most crucial way to use the technology is by sticking to its strengths, which won't take you long to figure out. Once you've mastered that aspect of shooting 360 videos it all comes back to filmmaking basics.

Your brand will get the most out of it if you're good at telling stories through a lens. A video should always have a message behind it to keep your viewers engaged and it should be targeted towards a specific audience. Your followers will go wild when they see the videos in their feed.

Unfortunately, old technology can ruin your 360 videos, but it should clear itself up in the future. You can do everything right on your end and if someone doesn't have a modern phone or computer it might not work. It's still no excuse not to capitalize on Facebook 360 before everyone else catches onto it.

We Already Know How 360 Can Perform

Everything we've talked about so far sounds great. After all, which brands wouldn't want to give their customers a dose of immersion and engagement all in one go? It still doesn't give us any hard evidence as to whether or not it's ultimately going to make you more money.

Luckily we have Google to thank for figuring out if 360 videos are actually worth it. The stats show they are and we'll quickly discuss them. First, they had to show clips of a 360 video and a standard one to viewers, both of which lasted for 60 seconds.

People watched the standard video for longer, but we all know it's not the best metric to look at because it doesn't equal more money. The 360 video was viewed by almost double the amount of people, which is the first thing any company would want to see.

The CTAs (call-to-action), social shares, and overall engagement with the brand were a lot higher too. 360 videos also brought the cost-to-view ad price down, so it would enable companies to pour money into Facebook ads sales funnels and watch more come out the other side.

It's Time to Act on 360 Videos Before It's Too Late

How long do you think it will take before another revolutionary technology comes around and buries 360 videos? If you know much about VR technology you'll realize it could be sooner rather than later. They always tell you to strike when the iron is hot, so don't sit back and miss your chance.

The numbers are in and we know it will make you money. Fortunately, most companies will be too distracted to realize what is going on until the technology becomes mainstream. When you're dealing with specific tactics it's always those who jump on it first that reap all the rewards.

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