How You Can Earn By Writing

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Writing can become your best passive income source.

How You Can Earn By Writing
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Can writing make money for you?

Yes, it can. Welcome to the tribe. You are in the right story. Writing can make you money. There are 100 blogging platforms are waiting for you. Why you are so worried?

When a writer starts their career, two questions come in their mind. First one is will anyone read my writing? And the second one is, How good is my writing?

When I started writing at my college days, I was just like you. I am not a born writer. Writing is a skill and you must practice it.

Whether you are a new writer or inexperienced one, then your learning never stops. Writing is a process. Writing requires passion and habit. These two are the main pillar of writing.

If you are serious about your writing career then I will give the advice to stick for writing schedule. After 3 years in my writing career, I experience things about improved writing and now I am going to share it with you.

1. Write daily

Writing daily helps you to build your writing muscle. Writing is the same as sports in which you need constant practice and passions.

Try to write at least 300 words per day. Even if you don't have time. Writing is just like muscle building. More you work you get. Choose one perfect time to write your articles. I write in the morning by taking a coffee mug with me, listening to songs.

Writing daily improved my writing art and still helping and improving me as a writer.

2. Read a lot 

Reading is the backbone of writing. More you read more ideas you get and more you write. Reading daily helps writers to write informative content.

Read what you write daily. It is a two-way process. You will not be stuck while writing using this method. Read from unique sources. I read NYT and The guardian daily in the morning. Reading and writing are just like a couple. One can not go with each other.

3. Deliver Quality over quantity

Write quality content. Quality always beat quantity. When I started my writing career I practised both quality and quantity. I aimed to become a prolific writer. I started writing more and quality followed me.

Write about the topic you are interested in and you know about it. Research it and read at least 5 articles online. Try to deliver quality as a prolific writer.

Best writing platforms in 2020

1. Blogger

Blogger is google product invented in 2000, which facilitate writer with hosting and domain.

If you are new to blogging, it is the best platform to start your blogging career.

Take Ad-sense approval to monetise your blog. It is the best writing platform for the beginner.

2. Quora

Quora is the question-and-answer website. You can write in Quora freely. Quora drives 300 million visitors per month. It is the best to the question-answer site in the world.

If you want to write a practice. Start writing on Quora.

3. Medium

Medium is a self blogging platform with an inbuilt monetising facility. It is the best blogging platform.

For earning on the medium, join the medium partner program. It is easy to write on medium, and anyone can write on medium.

You can earn a decent amount if you are consistent on medium. Medium has no minimum payout threshold. They use Stripe as their payment mode.

4. Hubpages

I call HubPages as a middleman. You can start writing on HubPages by signing in. HubPages are easy to use. HubPages gives you a chance to monetise your content with Google Ad-sense and with their ads program.

For becoming a permanent member of HubPages. You need to right 5 featured hubs. They call it to boot camp. It is tough, but possible if you are a talented writer.

On the hub page, you earn after a long time. It is the best to the source of passive income. Minimum payout is 50 dollars.

You can earn a decent amount as a writer if you developed your writing skills. It is always better to have over one source of income.

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Saurabh Adhane
Saurabh Adhane
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