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How to Write a Professional Business Resume

Writing a Proper Educational Resume

By Jason AnschutzPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

You just heard about a job opening at a company you would like to work for. The job summary includes great potential and advancement with potential benefits. To apply, candidates must include three references and a professional business resume. You’ve never written one and would like to land a new job you’re fond of. What do you do? Regardless of an education background (students, instructors, professors, or anyone of importance), everyone has skills, or material they are good at or proud of; strong enough to put on a resume.

Writing a professional business resume starts with telling a story about you. There’s no right way to properly structure your resume, but it should be clear and easy to read for potential employers. The top of your resume should include your contact information; how employers can get a hold of you. If they want to do so but have no way of contacting you, it’s likely they will throw your resume in the trash and move to the next one. This is something you don’t want to experience, as it’s likely to have happened many times in the past. When experienced, this should give a valuable lesson the employer does not want or is not interested in your resume. This should give attention to improvement or change.

Easy to Read and or Understandable Categories

Next, your resume should be broken down into easy to read categories, telling a simple story of you. Some examples of categories to follow are education, skills and abilities, related skills, job-related experience, education coursework, activities and involvement, and leadership. Your resume does not have to obtain all these categories as they may not all pertain to you, but most should. You may want to mention useful information through a category not mentioned. Most importantly, you want to keep your resume short, concise, to the point, and easy to read. A resume with five or six easy to follow categories is a good method to follow, as your resume will be likely to rise to the top of the pile.

The resume length is a very common question asked and/or wondered about. This depends on the business and or client you’re applying to. The best solution to follow is asking questions about a proper length of a resume where you are applying for. Some businesses require a resume to be longer than one page. A life story is easy to tell with this concept in mind. Don’t let it distract you from keeping easy to read categories, clear and understandable. Some people mention everything to fit on only one page, which is a lot of information to consider and a challenge to present. It’s important to consider tailoring a resume at this point.

How to Properly Structure and Write a Resume

Tailoring a resume makes your writing easier to understand. If you’re applying for entry-level work in carpentry, adding job-related experience as a line cook would not be beneficial. However, if you took several courses in mathematics including calculus, that would be important to put on a resume since the job field of a carpenter involves measurements, numbers, and math-related functions. The more simple a resume looks by relativity and story, the easier it will be to read by potential employers.

If you have never written a resume, it’s not hard to sit and think of how to present a story. This may take a little bit of thought and concentration, but it’s nothing to stress over. Your resume is going to change and be built on over time as if your resume is like a ladder. In order to climb to the next step, experience or development has to be accomplished. Otherwise, you’re likely to be stuck with the same information for a long time. The more you add to and tailor your resume, the more comfortable you’ll feel about working in an environment you should take pride in.

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