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How to Use the Uni Knowledge from Creative Writing Course to Become the Popular Blogger

Tips for the Newcomer

By Anna MedinaPublished 3 years ago 5 min read

Have you ever considered turning your hobby into a lucrative business? If you are one of those people who can spend hours and hours writing stories and articles, starting creative writing careers is a great way to unlock your creative potential while earning a decent living!

Many students take creative writing classes at university. The issue is that they have no idea what to do next to turn it into a job. Most creative writing majors’ jobs are indeed misunderstood and often underrated.

Is Creative Writing A Career?

Creative writing is unquestionably a profession. Nowadays, the Ecommerce business deals with content creation. It looks through the best essay writing sites to find experts who can provide an outstanding piece of writing for product description, promotion, and sales.

Another good example of how creative writing skill can benefit you after graduation is research. Many students are looking for help with their papers. In most cases, they contact freelance writers or custom writing service review to get the assistance they require.

A person should have the following qualities to be a successful creative writer:

  • Skills;
  • Knowledge;
  • Persistence;
  • Patience;
  • Connections;
  • Writing skills practice;
  • Time management and organization;
  • Editorial and proofreading skills.

You must be driven, dedicated, and willing to take risks that many others would not. Excellent outcomes do not come easily. If you are eager to work hard, your efforts will eventually provide you with the lifestyle you desire.

The Jobs That Involve Creative Writing

Here are some of the most popular careers for creative writers these days:

Position of A Strategic Communications Specialist

As a strategic communications professional, you will be in charge of managing communications for organizations and institutions, and managing various types of writing projects.

Academic Writing Specialist

Being a creative writing graduate entitles you to academic writing jobs such as assignment help online, dissertation writing, and teaching students who have big trouble dealing with their academic duties.

Digital or Advertising Copywriter

A digital copywriter's primary responsibility, whether working for a company or as a freelancer, is to create written content for websites.

Advertising copywriting is the art of persuading people to buy something with words. It is one of the most popular jobs in writing field. It helps brands to improve their sales, build brand awareness through the use of well-written content.


This job involves content writing and sales to clients, blogs, and businesses. Every business nowadays requires consistent fresh, and unique content. As a result, ghostwriters’ services are in high demand. It is worth noting that, unlike a copywriter, a ghostwriter sells the rights to his original content to other entities.

Social Media Marketing Employee

Curating, modifying, or creating content for social media is a common use of creative writing. If you want to be considered for this position, you should also be familiar with using social marketing tools efficiently.

Publishing Copy-Editor/Proofreader

This position entails ensuring that information is clear, consistent, complete, and credible. An employee in this field should always ensure that the text is well written, grammatically correct, and suitable for publication.


If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you should consider starting a blog. It is the most difficult but also the most rewarding route. Blogging necessitates advanced writing as well as computer skills. To get social media traffic, you will be in charge of writing, proofreading, optimizing, and uploading of your content for its subsequent monetization.

Creative Writing Skills And Blogging: How To Be A Better Writer

Content is an interesting material for the audience that fills the blog. Blogging is one of the best fields to apply your creative writing skills and write on the topics that people will like.

The information that the author posts has a direct impact on the blog’s success. This does not imply that you must create a blog based on a popular topic. Each type of digital information has a specific consumer – if the blog's content is engaging and provides useful information, it will undoubtedly become popular quickly.

Here are the top eight blog types to which you can begin to apply your creative writing skills:

  • Blog-forum. It is needed to communicate and discuss exciting issues of network users, exchange views and advice.
  • Blogs-reviews. It is a short thematic post of books, games, clothes, cosmetics, etc.
  • Commercial or business blog. It is created to make a profit. This type of blog is used to sell goods or services. To keep it running smoothly, you should be aware of the content marketing tactics, sometimes provide even outsource reference and background checks that people use to get as many customers as possible.
  • Educational blog. It includes the development of educational lessons, programs, and short scientific videos on education and self-education.
  • Masterclasses. The blogger provides detailed descriptions of lessons, recipes, creative ideas, etc.
  • Personal blog. The author expresses his thoughts, dreams and vividly describes his day and life. It is similar to a digital version of a diary.
  • Thematic blog. It is devoted to a specific topic that the author adheres to at all times.
  • Travel blog. It is a video diary that chronicles travels around the world.

Top 6 Tips On How To Be A Better Blogger

Some pointers will help you become a well-known and sought-after blogger with a million subscribers.

Tip 1. The subject of the blog should be interesting for you

Write about what inspires, excites, or interests you and makes you happy.

Tip 2. Be unique and do not chase for trends

New trends emerge almost every day, bringing with them an increasing number of topics for creative writing. They may bring you long-awaited subscribers, but you may lose interest in writing if the trending topic does not interest you. Thus, writing about topics that interest you is the best way to make your blog stand out.

Tip 3. Profit should not be a priority. Focus on work

You should keep in mind that developing your own style, audience, promoting a blog, and creating high-quality content will all take a significant amount of time and effort. Persistence and patience will help you deal with any complexity and bring you closer to your goal.

Tip 4. Do not be afraid to take challenges

If something does not work out at first, you should not give up. Work on yourself, grow, become more active, and develop your creative writing abilities. Look for new approaches, new ideas, competitors, and popular foreign blogs on similar topics.

Tip 5. Be original

Create high-quality content, publish new, juicy information, avoid or remove any plagiarism you found in the article, and highlight your personal unique selling points to attract an audience.

Tip 6. Regularity

A blogger should update his blog regularly to keep his audience engaged. New content can be released once a week, once a month, or every day. Remember that the more frequently you publish, the more likely you are to become popular because consistency is the key to success.

Making a living from your art can be difficult, but it is not impossible. It all comes down to your determination and desire to turn your creative writing into a lucrative career.

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