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How To Use Google Maps To Earn Money For Work, Or As A Side Gig

by Cynthia Farley 5 months ago in product review
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How To Use Google Maps To Earn Money For Work, Or As A Side Gig
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I evaluated Google maps to see how effective it would assist me to get to my new job site. I'm happy to report that the application worked incredibly well. The following time I utilized it, I deliberately neglected to take a left-hand turn on the following road, and the application required one moment to recalculate my area and afterward declared the following road to take. I continued to test the application and missed more roads and Google Maps reacted by conveying new directions. The application is astonishing and I would enthusiastically recommend Google maps on the off chance that you really want to deliver food, or need to track down another location for work or fun.

A couple of years prior I downloaded a paid promoting application where I went to take pictures of items and detailed my discoveries to get compensated. Utilizing my customary map guide on my phone, I was sure I was at the right area, yet sadly for me, the organization said I was not at the right store and would not pay me! Try not to mess up the same way I did and simply download Google Maps to guarantee you are in the right area.

To get Google Maps, go to your App store if you have an Iphone, or your Android's playstore.

Some Helpful Tips

Your Phone's Data Plan

Ensure your mobile plan has sufficient data to cover Google maps. This application goes through heaps of data and assuming you have a limitless plan, that is extraordinary. My phone plan gets covered at 20 GB. You'll need to buy more data in the event that you need Google Maps to work without buffering or slowing down.

A Phone Holder

That is really significant. You can purchase a telephone holder at a pharmacy or on the web. I paid about $20 for mine, and I attached it to the dashboard. I didn't have one when I began with Google Maps and I put my phone in the beverage holder, however that doesn't function admirably when you are looking at Google maps.

Test Drive

Assuming that you are new to Google Maps, do a test drive. Truth be told. Pick a place to go to often, and enter the company name or place in Google maps. Deliberately miss a couple of roads and watch what occurs. Google Maps will track down an alternate course to your objective. Then, at that point, pick another spot, similar to a café or bar that you might want to attempt in an alternate city or town. Test it out and have a great time!

As I would like to think, Google Maps is a job saver! The application saved me from getting lost and assisted me with getting to my new work place on time.

For brief excursions, I wholeheartedly recommend Google Maps. I have never personally used Google Maps for a long road trip, but I imagine it would be a similar experience.

How might you bring in cash with Google Maps?

Probably the most well-known applications for "completing missions" are applications like Field Agent and Gig Walk.

Field Agent permits you to get compensated for taking pictures of grocery items, similar to dairy products. I utilized Field Agent and the site supervisor at long last hit me up weeks after the fact and rudely assumed that I was at the wrong area for one assignment. I lost some cash.

Gig Walk additionally offers similar tasks and people get paid for doing store audits, and taking pictures of food products. Attempt more modest gigs first, and afterward go for the bigger gigs.

Check your work completely prior to hitting the submit button. There is no option to correct your work or dispute any negative findings if the site directors feel that you submitted incomplete or incorrect work.

On the bright side, thousands of people are getting a good side income by working for Field Agent and Gig Walk. You can be one of them by joining and doing little undertakings.

You can likewise join to be a driver for Uber or Uber Eats.

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