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How to stop food waste by eating healthy

by Sebastian Voice 2 months ago in how to
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A healthy diet leads to a healthy budget

How to stop food waste by eating healthy
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Wow, I want to share with you an excellent article on healthy eating + savings by stopping food waste, written by a member of the Money Science community, Andrei Madalin.

It seems to me very appropriate for this period in which food prices have become very expensive.

Here are Andrei's tips:

As a nutrition coach, economist, and financial education enthusiast, I will talk to you today about avoiding food waste, how to shop smart, and have a healthy lifestyle, and often hearing the phrase "healthy food is more expensive."

Food waste is a major problem both in the western states and in Romania. I was reading a statistic last year that Romania dumps somewhere 2.55 million tons of food a year, and most of it is dumped in urban areas. It is clear that people in villages have much more traditional methods and / and/or perhaps are more modest.

Among the easiest ways to shop smart and avoid food waste would be:

- Shopping list with what we need for the next week (I do my shopping weekly). In order not to waste it, I sketch a menu with what I want to eat in the next few days (it's easier for me here because I've been doing this exercise for a long time).

- The golden rule is never to go shopping hungry. It is not for nothing that pastries are placed at the entrance of some stores.

- I study the offers with my wife at the 3-4 supermarkets in our neighborhood and sometimes we sketch our menu according to them. (For example, sometimes we have trout on offer, sea bream, or salmon).

- I try as much as possible NOT to put in the basket driven by emotions but I do not stingy if I find foods that I like very much (for example quality beef or fruits, or vegetables).

- Organic vegetables and fruits in supermarkets are not necessarily of higher quality than normal ones, but they are certainly more expensive.

- Cooking at home is cheaper and healthier. Restaurants usually use a lot of salt and fat to give more flavor to the food. One of the most effective ways to save time and money is to prepare meals in advance for the next 2-3 days.

- I always have whole pasta in the pantry, tomato or pasta sauces, canned beans, lentils or corn, and canned tuna. They help me prepare a quick meal when I'm in a hurry and save me from getting caught up in food delivery applications.

- I also almost always have eggs and vegetables in the fridge. The egg is one of the most complete foods with quality protein and fat and can be integrated into many recipes. The myth of the egg and cholesterol is a thing of the past, and most studies show that eating 2-3 eggs a day is safe for healthy people. I am also lucky enough to receive eggs from the village and then I have a minus expense for the food that I consume almost daily.

- Frozen vegetables and fruits are as healthy as fresh ones and have the advantage of being cheaper, by freezing they keep all their vitamins and minerals.

- Another method I use to avoid food waste is to eat expired foods first for example, if I have vegetables forgotten in the fridge that may have passed the time, I do not throw them away, but I try to incorporate them into a recipe. For example, last week I had some mushrooms and peppers in the fridge and I quickly put a frittata with eggs and vegetables.

- You can do the same with a baked chicken, which may not be as tasty the next day, you can cook it with some vegetables, tomato sauce and pasta for example. There are many other examples, we just have to put our creativity to the test.

- When everyone was complaining about the price of flower oil, I was glad I still had the bottle of olive oil I bought last year in Greece. I'm not a fan of fries and I use a spray container to limit the amount of oil.

So, a healthy lifestyle may seem more expensive at first glance, but if we think about long-term health, it may be the best investment for us.

My recommendation would be to eat as many vegetables as possible, if possible at every meal, fruits, quality protein, fiber, and healthy fats. It's normal for us to have a craving from time to time because we're human.

Also, don't forget about exercise and sleep.

Thanks to those who read to the end.

P.S. If you like to read while drinking coffee, you can offer me a coffee too.

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