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How To Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error code 2107?

QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107

By MasonoliviaPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

QuickBooks Error code 2107 is one such error. So, during this article, we are aiming to point out this error which many users encounter daily, and know it and its methods of solving in an in-depth manner. It’s primarily caused when the user is trying to perform any kind of Direct Deposit technique for Installments. Due to this error, the sleek process of exchanging the info regarding the compensation of workers becomes a hassle and as QuickBooks is a very important software for clerks and bookkeepers throughout the globe, fixing such errors takes priority.

Causes of QuickBooks Error code 2107

A QuickBooks error can occur because of a few reasons, similarly, QuickBooks Desktop Error code 2107 can also be a result of several incidents. So, here are a few of the most common causes that may cause the error code 2107:

  • The downloaded file associated with the product is corrupted
  • QuickBooks program isn't installed on the pc correctly
  • Some records of QuickBooks desktop are accidentally deleted from the server entirely
  • A virus has affected windows records and documents associated with QuickBooks
  • The changes within the product weren't performed in an orderly fashion and hence the Windows registry is corrupted.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 2107

Here are a few of the symptoms that a user may encounter when a system is affected with error code 2107. Although, there may be several other symptoms that aren't present during this list:

  • Windows starts to get slower in terms of processing and input devices like a mouse or console input become slower
  • Users will encounter the message “QuickBooks payroll Error 2107
  • A QB error code 2107 appear will come on the screen and also the program window will crash
  • Users will face regular freezing of the device and sometimes even continuously
  • Users will encounter error 2107 while using some specific program several times and also the PC will crash

Methods to repair QuickBooks Error Code 2107

As we've covered all the essential details associated with error code 2107, now we'll proceed towards learning the methods using which we will fix QuickBooks Error code 2107:

Method #1: Manually repairing windows registry

The very first method is to manually repair the Windows registry and fix the QuickBooks error 2107. The steps involved during this process are as follows:

  • For this, users will be got to click on the beginning button at the bottom of the left corner of the screen then type ‘command’ within the text box. Press Enter while holding CTRL + Shift button on the keyboard
  • Now, you'll stumble upon a permission dialogue box, here click on Yes, and a black box will appear on the screen.
  • Select the previous working file from the backup within the Registry Editor and choose Export to bring them back up within the File menu.
  • Now, select the folder where you would like to save lots of the backup file and make sure that the chosen branch option is selected within the Export Range box
  • Finally, click on Save and save the file with a .reg file extension.

Method #2: Checking for Windows Update

Another method is to verify for windows updates and check out fixing the error. The steps to be followed for fixing the problem are as follows:

  • For this, users will need to click on the beginning button.
  • Now, within the search box, type ‘update’ and click on the Enter key.
  • This will open up a dialogue box for Windows Update
  • In the box, type ‘Regedit and press the Enter key
  • Check whether any new updates are available, if so, then Install the updates by clicking on the ‘Install Updates’ button.

Note: make sure that the network connection is functioning fine as this might consume a decent chunk of Internet Data.


We hope you discover this post helpful in fixing QuickBooks Error code 2107. There are several other ways to repair this error but these are a few of the most common and dependable ones, which can possibly get the system fixed with no issues.

In case you an equivalent error even after following all the methods then you'll visit our website for more solutions options and connect our expert through a live chat for a fast solution.

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