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How to find reliable clothing manufacturers in India?

If you want to become a part of the clothing industry and sell everyday clothing items online, finding the right Apparel Manufacturers in India is essential.

By digimar oxymcraftsPublished about a year ago 4 min read

If you want to become a part of the clothing industry and sell everyday clothing items online, finding the right Apparel Manufacturers in India is essential. As a budding entrepreneur, your success depends on fantastic ideas and end-to-end solutions that can enhance the quality of your products.

To gain any success, you have to do a lot of research for top garment manufacturers in India and how you can get going with them. However, more than anything else, you need to find solid and reliable clothes manufacturers in India. What will make your brand unique is the quality of cuts and designs, and that is one aspect no brand wants to compromise on. So, while looking for a manufacturer, choose one whose views align with yours and who believes in leaving no room for complaint.

What to look for in clothes manufacturers in India?

Finding textile manufacturers in India might seem like an easy task, but it is far from it. While a simple internet search will give numerous results, you have to focus on choosing a manufacturing company that offers the following:

• On-time delivery of bulk orders

• Environment-friendly manufacturing process

• Fresh and innovative designs and samplings

• Exclusive designs for individual clients with no chances of overlapping

• Customisable designs as per client profile

• Reliability in terms of quality, workmanship, and ethical work practices.

In addition to this, you can check whether the manufacturer engages in Indian textile export. If yes, they probably know international clothing standards and can bring fresh and creative ideas to Indian designs.

How to find reliable clothing manufacturers in India?

Although ultimately, you have to rely on your discretion to choose a suitable manufacturer for your brand, there are a few ways in which you can get a head start. Let’s see what they are:

1. Internet

Needless to say, this is the most reliable tool in today’s time. We can search for anything and everything online with the help of various search engines. If you search in Google for “good Garment manufacturers in India,” several results popped up. However, as we have specified earlier, this isn’t enough. Many paid ads and promotions show up on the internet, which seldom helps you determine the exact quality of products the cloth manufacturer is supplying.So, we recommend going through their website, checking their credentials, and reading the “About Us” section to better understand the manufacturing company. In addition, you can look for Indian cloth exporters if you want your brand to have an international presence.

2. Trade fairs

Trade fairs and industry meetups are another great way to connect with manufacturers in the country. Manufacturers from all over India get together to showcase their collection, and you can get in touch with them to discuss your specific needs. Talking face-to-face helps establish trust and a connection that is hard to forge elsewhere.

3. Supplier Directory

You can find several supplier directories online that store all the necessary information about clothes manufacturers in India. Most of these are verified manufacturers, and you can see their location, contact number, and other relevant information in the directory. Besides, you can get additional information about their range of products, the brands they work with, their portfolio, and customer service information.

4. Word of Mouth

One of the traditional ways to look for reliable apparel manufacturers in India is through word of mouth. People who are already in this business of textiles can provide links to manufacturers. All you have to do is ask, and you will receive numerous options to choose from.

Key factors to consider for finding a reliable clothes manufacturer

By now, you understand how selecting the proper clothing manufacturer is critical for your brand and its success. The choice of clothing factories across the globe is enormous, so you must take time to research well. However, before you move on to anything else, it is essential to have the bigger picture for your brand in mind.

Some of the factors you should consider while looking for reliable textile manufacturers in India are discussed below:


Choosing a Manufacturer that knows your ideas will greatly smooth out the manufacturing process. They will also have specialized tools and equipment to produce your choice of garments. Although domestic manufacturers are more expensive, they produce a better quality of products, share common time zones with you, and have a faster shipping time. Most domestic manufacturers are also Indian textile exporters and can deliver top-quality finishes.

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)

One of the most important factors you should look into while choosing a manufacturer is the minimum order quantity that you need to buy in one order. Usually, it can be anywhere between 150-2000 pieces. The MOQ should not be very high, or else you might be left with an excess inventory. Besides, MOQ also impacts the price of Indian textile export

Production Processes

that will manufacture the product from start to finish, or you will have everything ready to take your clothing straight to the manufacturer. The former is great for clothing business brands just starting; however, the latter is a cost-effective option and gives you greater control over the final product.

Can your supplier grow with you?

While it is impossible to forecast exactly how much your business will grow in the future at the start, it is still important to evaluate at least how much you would like to grow so that you can choose a manufacturer that could scale to your growth. In the beginning, this may not be an essential or deciding factor in choosing a supplier, as your focus is on establishing your brand. However, if you expand expeditiously, choosing an apparel manufacturer in India that can grow with you will be necessary for a smooth and uncomplicated transition.

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