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How to develop an e-commerce application like Namshi?

The era of digital commerce is here. With an ecommerce application, you can be closer to your customers than ever.

By kathleenbrownPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
How to develop an e-commerce application like Namshi?
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Our lives have become increasingly dependent on mobile devices. However, shopping is also a source of happiness for many. Customers now have access to all of their favorite lifestyle brands in one place without having to leave their smartphones.

By developing an online shopping platform like Namshi, a retailer provides its customers with the most convenient shopping experience. Many global brands are represented in these online shopping apps. Providing flexible policies to customers allows them to sell more products.

Developing an e-commerce app like Namshi can help your business grow and achieve great heights. If you are struggling with the development process, we have your back. This article reviews the end-to-end approach to developing ecommerce technology solutions like Namshi.

About Namshi App

A mobile shopping app called Namshi allows you to shop online. Among its products, it has an impressive selection. A leading online shopping company in West Asia, Namshi has experienced consistent growth.

This online retailer serves UAE, Dubai, Bahrain, and other middle-east countries.

Features of developing eCommerce mobile app like Namshi

The key to success of any ecommerce mobile app lies in its features. Here we enlist the key features to include in eCommerce app like Namshi.

Home page

Home page is a critical feature in developing mobile apps like Namshi. Since it highlights the deals of the day, new arrivals, highlighted products, and other appealing offers designed to convert customers.

Category bar

Users can explore products based on their gender preference by using gender-specific options.


Users can easily access their desired items by sorting them according to their category, such as clothing, bags, shoes, beauty, sports, etc.

Product Description

The item's brand, material, and other specifications should be provided to the customer.

Product images

Include an image zoom feature that lets them view the product from various angles.


Adding wishlist items will increase your customers' likelihood of purchasing products.

Push notifications

Another important feature to include in enterprise ecommerce solutions is Push Notification. It is must have as it enables to receive notifications regarding recent items viewed, new arrivals, and other important information.

Social Sharing

Share products with your audience and drive more traffic and sales by allowing them to share with their friends and families.

Multiple Payment Options

Providing multiple payment options gives convenience to the customer. To develop an eCommerce mobile app like Namshi, you must include cash on delivery, PayPal, and credit card.

How to Build an E-Commerce Mobile App Like Namshi?

An overview of the steps involved in the development of an eCommerce app like Namshi is provided below:

Research & Analysis of Competitors

The development of a mobile app starts with this process. The company you select will help you conduct buyer persona research and analysis.

Your target audience or the person who needs your product must be determined. Create a mobile app based on their likes, dislikes, and shopping patterns.

In addition, find out what you need to do to separate yourself from your competitors' users.

App Design UI/UX

Create a b2b ecommerce solutions that catches the eye with eye-catching visuals, vibrant colors, and smooth transitions. A collaborative app design and smart branding techniques can easily entice potential customers. Create a logo that identifies your business with the help of mobile app designers.

A user-friendly interface will encourage users to purchase the app. To make the app experience easy and exciting, keep the design minimalistic and include user-specific content. Keep all these factors simple and limited to maintain a low mobile app design cost.

MVP Development

Depending on your chosen platform, you will need an expert mobile developer. Make sure they are experienced in the same field.

Even though a full-fledged application can be built directly, creating an MVP will be more helpful in studying the market and researching the audience's acceptance. In eCommerce app development, core features are the only features to be included in the code.

Third-party integration

An app like Namshi requires advanced features, third-party integration, and core features. Many features, such as payment gateways, messaging, mapping, authentication, analytics, and more, can increase the cost of app development.

Providing users with smooth connectivity to popular features and services enhances their experience.

App Testing

Keeping the eCommerce app's functionality simple and easy to use will make mobile app testing less complicated. More complicated apps will go through more tests.

Several factors will be considered when analyzing your eCommerce app, including performance, features, complexity, installation ease, etc. Until it is error-free, it will continue to be examined.

App launch

The app can be deployed on a suitable platform after testing. Be sure to check the app store's requirements before launching. Launching the app sooner will be possible by following the app store's rules.

Downloading and using it will be available shortly after its launch. In addition to this phase, the app development company must provide maintenance and support for the application.

Maintenance and support

The last step in developing a shopping app is support and maintenance. The eCommerce development company should handle any updates or maintenance of the app. They can extend your support for a specific period based on the business requirements.

What Is the Cost of Developing An App Like Namshi?

Here is the last part of the guide about how to create an E-commerce app similar to Namshi. App development cost estimation tremendously impacts the other features included in an app, which is why entrepreneurs are always more excited about it. Costs to develop apps like Namshi depend heavily on the goals and requirements of businesses.

The cost of app development can also influence the overall eCommerce Namshi. They are as follows:

  • The complexity of UI/UX design
  • App Platforms of Choice
  • Feature count
  • Time spent on development
  • Developers' locations and charges
  • Host and secure your app

To derive the estimation for eCommerce app development like Namshi, it would cost anywhere in between $30,000 to $60,000 for an iOS or Android app.

Adding advanced features and obtaining a cross-platform app will increase this estimation.


If you want to create a shopping application similar to Namshi, you can prepare a business model. So, you can build a shopping app that will beat your competitors by strategizing unique features.

Use this business model to discuss your technology partner's involvement in the project. An app's budget can be easily estimated when the purpose and features are clearly defined.


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