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How to Brand Your Small Business

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By Carolin PettersonPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

A business brand comprises so much more than just a fancy logo and company colors and the failure to recognize that has cost many entrepreneurs dearly. Instead, we should think of a brand as an overall reputation and identity, i.e. every information available to your existing and potential business partners and clients.

That means you need to dedicate the right amount of attention to improving your product or service, company values, digital presence, customer care and all other aspects of your business that people experience and base their opinion of your company on. Luckily, many entrepreneurs have dealt quite successfully with this obstacle and have shared with the rest of the world what helped them create a brand.

Understand and Define Who You Are

In order to be able to present your offer to the world in the best possible light, you need to completely understand it and be able to identify it correctly, so that it stands out. Think about what makes your offer better, more attractive or simply convenient to your clients than the ones already on the market.

You also need to define your short- and long-term goals, so that you can decide on the strategy you’re going to apply to reach those goals. That will also help you stay focused, which should result in an improved image of your business.

Your Business Is Not You

What you need to understand is that no matter how much of your values and beliefs overlap with your company values, your company image should not be a replica of your personality. We all have our ups and downs and don’t always communicate in a steady and consistent tone as individuals. That is a major problem for a company, regardless of its size.

Every communication, post or conversation that your company is involved in should be done in consistent tone and voice, so that your business is seen as a coherent and stable entity. It might be a good idea to have a set of strict guidelines regarding communication and let one person focus on this duty.

What’s in a name?

Well, it turns out your name is one of the factors that significantly contributes to the overall image of your business. The name should be short and easy to memorize, and make sense, if you want people to remember it easily and create positive associations.

A certain degree of originality is more than welcome, since you don’t want people to confuse you with another company, nor to have some misleading name that people won’t be able to associate with you. Make sure to check if you can buy a cheap domain with the same name, because that will help you raise your company’s visibility.

Keep Learning and Improving

One of the most important things that every business owner should never forget is that their company needs to learn, grow and develop. Every aspect of your business should constantly improve and your business partners and clients should be able to notice it.

In order to learn, you need to identify the areas you’d like to improve in, as well as the right learning opportunities. Attending conferences and seminars is one excellent idea since you don’t only learn and improve your skills, but you can also do a bit of networking.

Cover as Much Space as Possible

It goes without saying that you have to make your business as visible as possible if you want more people to find out about it. Luckily, social networks are now available to almost everyone and you should use them to raise people’s awareness.

This is best done if your posts are positive, informative, and entertaining since people create positive feelings when exposed to similar ones. Providing insight into something and helping people learn or understand an issue will boost your credibility and your small business can only benefit from that.

Final Thoughts

Understanding your business and what you can offer is the first step in the process of branding your business but there’s so much more to it. There will be unsuccessful campaigns and wrong decisions, most likely, but that shouldn’t discourage you on your path towards helping your business grow and become sustainable as soon as possible. Just think carefully about all the aspects mentioned here and your company’s image will improve, which should lead to better business results.

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