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How to Apply Tempered Glass Screen Protector without Dust and Bubbles

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By repairmatePublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Things You should know.

It would help if you worked in the plain area. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your phone.

Use a microfiber or soft cloth to clean your phone screen before applying.

While installing the tempered glass, avoid touching the underside of the tempered glass.

Use a lint-free cloth or push the air bubbles from the centre to the outside using the thumb.

Mobile Phone Repair

Mobile phone repair involves fixing issues with devices such as broken screens, battery problems, software malfunctions, and other hardware malfunctions. A skilled technician with proper tools and equipment can diagnose the problem and replace or repair the damaged component. With the increasing complexity of mobile phones, it is important to choose a reputable repair service provider that uses quality replacement parts and follows the manufacturer's guidelines for repairs.

Step 1: Clean the screen of the phone

Before applying the screen protector, it is essential to Clean your phone screen to avoid dust. You can clean with disinfectant wipes and soft, dry clothes using 70% alcohol. Ensure to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials for your phone screen.

Caution- Do not submerge the phone or get any cleaning fluids in any ports.

If the screen protector is already applied, you need to remove it for further application. To remove the screen protector, lift the screen protector with a credit card, razorblade or a sharp thin object underneath one of the corners of the screen protector. Lifting the corner should simplify prying the screen protector out from the screen. After prying the screen protector off, clean the phone screen.

Step 2: Dry the Screen

After cleaning the mobile or tablet, wait for the screen to dry. Though drying the screen will take little time. A dry and clean screen is essential to apply screen protectors. The dry screen also won't allow air bubbles to appear beneath the protector. Avoid using cheap glass screen protectors.

Step 3: Remove the screen protector from the packing

Remove your screen protector from its packing and determine which side is up. Remove the protective coating from the sticky side later. Hold the screen protector in the orientation fitted on the device on the left side. Apply the screen protector by placing two-inch-long strips of scotch tape on the right side, with half of it on and the other half peeking over the edge.

Protector Glass includes rectangular stickers which can replace tape. However, the tape will need to stick; avoid using any tape that makes a sticky mess when removed.

Step 4: Align the Screen protector

Place the screen protector on your phone while the protective film is still on the underside, and line it up exactly. Leaving the protective film on makes it easier to align the screen protector. Use the screen protector's cutouts to help with alignment, and make sure it's entirely on the screen to produce a flawless edge once applied. Once you've found the ideal location, hold it in place so that it does not alter positions once you release the Screen protector.

Step 5: Apply the screen protector

After the screen protector is perfectly aligned, you can carefully remove the protective film and ensure the tape stays in an exact place. Quickly flip it over onto your device while ensuring it lands in position perfectly. Remove the tape, being cautious not to take the screen protector off the device again, allowing dust to accumulate underneath. Then slowly take off the screen protector's front cover.

Step 6: Remove the Bubbles

While applying a screen protector with this method, don't panic about seeing bubbles on the screen. Since no dust is trapped underneath, they are easy to remove. Take the credit card or any other card and push bubbles to the nearest edge. Some bubbles may require more force to remove but don't hesitate to apply some pressure. Then your phone is saved from air bubbles tempered glass.


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