How Neil Patel Started SEO with Doing it and Not Learning

How Do You Market Your Website?

How Neil Patel Started SEO with Doing it and Not Learning
Start SEO with Doing it and Not Learning

Search Engine Optimization or SEO - this is the primary weapon that you should be carrying to fight the battle of getting your website one of the top ranks on Google Search Engine Pages.

But, even if SEO is the tool, how do learn to use this tool?

And so, to answer the primary question here - how do you go about marketing your website? - We have made a list of the following points:

Start With Learning the Basics

Modifying basic HTML code is quite the thing that you should start getting a hang of. As it is with most forms of marketing, you’d want to learn HTML, and there are umpteen number of YouTube videos available that could effectively teach you the same, for free.

With most forms of marketing, you’ll need to learn how to modify basic HTML code and upload changes. You can either watch YouTube videos on these topics, or you can just signup for Treehouse to learn HTML.

Read Other Blogs

It’s not about reading a lot, but you still need to get yourself well acquainted with what other people are writing about, what is your audience reading about, how well are they writing, and what are the things you’d like to imbibe from other popular blogs. And for that, a decent amount of reading is needed. So, create a list of some of the most popular marketing blogs, follow them every day, and keep a tab on the latest industry news. You could even subscribe to most of these blogs for free, and have the latest articles delivered to your mailbox.

Watch Videos and Tutorials

There are many ways in which you can effectively break up the process of online marketing - link building, paid advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, are just a few out of all the things you could try. And to get a decent understanding of all these different methods, you could watch the free tutorials and online videos available out there. Watch them, and see how that knowledge applies to your work.

Implement Whatever You Read and Saw

And obviously, only reading and watching tutorials wouldn’t be of much help, unless you don't actually imbibe that knowledge into your actions. There are so many ways to do not just different things, but different ways to achieve similar goals too, that it wouldn’t come as a surprise if you get confused over what would work for your and what won't. The fact is that you won't know for sure - not unless you try it and succeed, or try and fail. Implementation is a must - application of all your knowledge and information is a must.

Don't Forget Google Analytics

Part of your job - the most important part, that is - would be knowing your target audience well. Not just getting a statistical report on the age group they fall in, but what are they interested in knowing, what duration during the day do they spend on seeing or learning about these things, and so on. Google Analytics is one awesome tool that will give you a very good idea on what content to develop, how to develop it, and how to market that content so that it makes the most impact. Seeing how well you do on the Google Search page ranking, and whether the traffic to your website is increasing, decreasing, or is steady - these are the questions, the answers to which will decide whether you’re doing it right, or does something need to be changed.

Share Your Knowledge

Learning by teaching is the best kind of learning. The process of teaching begins with you making a complex topic fairly easy for one to understand - and that would require you to have a sound knowledge of the topic, yourself. Then, there are the various kinds of questions that you get asked, which if you don’t know the answer to, gives you an opportunity to learn about it, again break it into simple parts, and further pass on the knowledge. So, you learn, you gain confidence, you meet different people, and you are able to help other in the process too.

So, it’s a win-win!

Arpin Gajjar
Arpin Gajjar
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