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How Important are handle Boxes in customized packaging?

The Importance of Handle Boxes in custom packaging

By Clara ParkerPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
custom handle boxes

Handles are a luxury anybody can have. If grips are providing ease and facility in all other things, then why not the boxes? It is a marketing strategy that will land you right in success. Though it may not be a new concept, there are aspects to handle packages that you might have never thought of!

Use handle Boxes in packaging and shipment of your products. They will not only cause ease for the customers but handlers or anyone who comes in touch with them. Now you must be thinking that handle boxes will only come in handy carrying your small products around. There are also beneficial to book lovers, bakery admirers, and office workers.

Add a handle to any box, and voila, you have something to grab onto. Instead of trying to support the box with your body, you can quickly grasp well-engineered packages. They will not even take half as much energy.

Handle boxes:

Handle boxes are the popular type of custom boxes in the packaging world. That is because handle boxes are flexible and can be designed in a number of ways to match the occasion. They can also pack more than one type of odd stuff. If you want to change the shape of the handle boxes that can be managed, the thing about handle boxes is that they are confined to their standard designs.

Handle boxes

For example, a standard handle box has a rectangular shape, with a 3D triangular shape opening. You can change the base to a square box, but the body shape doesn't divert much.

That is why you should know the difference between gable and handle boxes. Handle boxes are, however, more diverting. Learn how innovative handles make a box different and better:

1. Convenient:

Let's start with the primary benefit. The addition of a handle makes it easier to carry boxes. Whether it is a small box or an industrial size packaging, it consumes so much space that you cannot carry anything along with it. With handles, you can easily carry more massive and lighter boxes. It eases transportation and delivery.

2. Position of handles:

While customizing the boxes, you can add handles at any place you like, as long as it maintains the box's equilibrium. Various new options on the position of handles can make a signature radical look. You can always consider places that do not interfere with the presentation of the products.

Sometimes you have to compromise your designs for the handle's location. It also happens that your mind is running with personal opinions of the position you would instead prefer. Fortunately for you, now you can do that!

handle boxes

3. Size and material of the handle:

If you do not like the material, you can change that. Moreover, if you want to beat your competitors with better ideas regarding the stuff of your choice, then do not shy away. You can ask the hiring companies to change and introduce new material. Right now, cardboard boxes also have thick 24p cardboard handles attaches.

Whether it is the carboard or the thickness you do not like, you can explore options like metal, plastic and rubber. Did you know that Chinese takeout boxes have gained a legendary reputation because of their classy metal?

You can also control the size of your handles. Instead of using all boxes that are of no use, you can customize appropriate measures. Even large boxes can cause a problem. Consulting your hiring companies about the right size is essential.

4. Styling:

Handles can be styled in numerous ways. Professional office boxes have a sleeker approach. At the same time, kids party boxes and book boxes can have funky ad creative handles. Luxury boxes are sophisticated with expensive material. You can not only change the material but styling as well.

Take an example of an office file box. They are covered with lids for easy access. Now you have to add handles that do not interfere with the tops and support the whole package. You can add pocket handles at the sides. They are smooth to carry and do not cut into your fingers.

Similarly, for party boxes, you can add handles of different shapes. To indulge the curiosity of the kids, you can use examples of trendy cartoons and marvel characters.

5. Marketing standard:

Who wouldn't love to show off boxes that are designed with well-sought handles? You can also choose one basic design and make it a signature look of your brand and company. Customers should be able to spot your products from afar. In the fierce competition, you have to be as much different and better as you can be.

In the corporate world, you will be surprised by how much effort is put into designing. They understand how one look can change the whole scenario. Official companies are hired to accomplish goals. They have the best marketers that can design your boxes for you.

6. Durability and strength:

You can laminate and coat your box handles for an economical approach. It would be best if you manufactured boxes that can be used for multiple purposes. CBM understands that people want to save money and generate maximum profit. So, they are looking for packages that are sturdy and can support various types of weights.

What do you think will make more profit a box that can be durable enough to keep more than one thing or those that are specifically designed for just one thing? If you can afford that, then sure go for it!

However, if it a bakery box, then the handle should not soften at hot temperature or little accumulation of moisture. The branding and engraving of the logo should be least effected on the hold.

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