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How I've made $1,000 from Vocal

by Amanda Mitchell 17 days ago in product review

Investing in my future

How I've made $1,000 from Vocal
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On February 18th, 2021, I became an active member on Vocal. I was interested in the platform after seeing an advertisement on Instagram for one of the challenges with a $20,000 prize. Now, I am officially five months into my Vocal membership, and have become quite fond of all aspects of the community. I have written more in the last few months than I would’ve ever expected, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Vocal’s pay per view system, littered with bonuses has kept my attention and provided motivation to continue writing. After being on the platform for almost half a year, I have learned that although you will get a fair amount from writing on the platform, investing in it may make you a bit more.

Within my first month, I saw the post made by the CEO, Jeremy Frommer entitled 'Celebrating 20,000 Vocal+ Member Milestone'. Three months prior, Vocal had posted an article saying they hit 10,000 users which means they saw a 100% increase in users, in what is a considerably small amount of time. Furthermore, in the 'Celebrating 20,000' story, Jeremy goes on to say they are expecting to hit 100,000 by the end of the year. Currently, there are right around 30,000 users according to the latest updates from the company. Since Vocal is still fairly new, they have been seeing an extreme amount of growth in their platform.

As a disclaimer, I know close to nothing about the stock market. I didn’t even know how to utilize the stock market until I was 21. However, when I first joined Vocal, my older brother had been riding the wave of GME, GameStop's stock. (to the moon!) As his stock grew in value, the stock market became a regular conversation in my house which made me look into Vocal’s CRTD stock. I didn’t know much, but I had assumed that if the company is expecting to grow 5x in users, and hopefully in revenue, the stock could gain value as well. I mean, that’s how it works right? With no clue on the complexities and inner workings of the stock market, but faith in the company, I invested in CRTD when it was close to $5 back in March.

Since then, the stock almost immediately dropped to under $3.00, which was not much fun seeing as I basically lost half my investment. As the stock went down, I decided to continue buying more stock at a lower price and hoped my faith was not misguided. I watched each week as the stock dropped lower and my portfolio dwindled. It seemed that one day it would be up a few percentages, then immediately fall down again. I started reading articles on the company and doing as much research as I could to stay updated on my investment. Today, the stock is above $5 (up 23%) for the first time in months, and with that my portfolio is finally making money. ( Thank you! ) The CRTD Stock has grossed over a thousand dollars since my original investment and will hopefully continue to grow in value. I never thought that signing up for Vocal would lead me down this path, but I am quite happy to have ended up here.

Although I have enjoyed writing on Vocal, a penny per view doesn't always add up as quickly as you’d hope. It can take a long time to profit that way and writing is time consuming enough. Bonuses, challenges, and tips are great but the most I have made from Vocal has been from investing.

If you enjoyed this story maybe let me know by sending a like. I have also written other stories on how to profit on Vocal here. Tips are appreciated as well! Happy writing!

product review
Amanda Mitchell
Amanda Mitchell
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