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How does remote working encourage diversity & inclusion?

Ok, I might be being too intense but, can changing work culture save the world?

By Human 💎Published about a year ago Updated 5 months ago 3 min read
ET work from home!

Like fellow flexible working advocates of the world, I believe remote working is the future. It opens up countless opportunities for international collaboration which in turn encourages diversity and inclusion across a lot of areas that as a world we continue to progress in learning more about.

One reason why I love remote working, and one which I feel strongly about, is that it can encourage diversity and inclusion globally.

Remote working means we can break free from the divides that have been created by single country working, and connect with people we might not have interacted with in the past. Companies can literally hire talent from all over the world, ultimately bringing together people of contrasting backgrounds, beliefs, and origins in a harmonious, professional, and productive environment.

This encourages diversity and inclusion on so many levels. Here are some areas relevant to diversity and inclusion that I am excited about remote working positively influencing:

Mental Health Issues - the option to work in your own time, with a more relaxed schedule and location is a huge help for people who either have a long-standing mental health condition, are neuro-diverse, or are going through a mental challenge like grief, loss, anxiety, or depression. These things all exist and we need to start taking them into perspective when thinking about common human activities like work. Not everyone can work the neuro-typical way and adaptable working can be a good option for those with cognitive challenges.

Physically Impaired People- commuting, comfortable bathrooms, and non-accessible office spaces are just a few of the challenges that the physically disabled may struggle with in the generic corporate working culture that is populised now. Location flexibility could help this community manage their energy better.

Races, Gender & Ageism- Let’s face it! Unfortunately, discrimination, racism, sexism, ageism, micro-aggressions, and prejudice all exist in our global society. Remote work brings people together from different countries, religions, genders, and backgrounds, encouraging them to work together, to find some common ground. Because guess what, humans are similar in other places as they are also, well, human! However, sometimes there’s not too much opportunity for people to actually integrate with certain types of people on a professional level like in business. Remote working, if executed correctly, is pure magic worldwide employment!

LGBTQIA+ - This community faces its own set of unique challenges and remote work allows people to create understanding and progress humanity further with regards to sexuality and gender identity. Whilst the world is progressing, being homosexual is still surprisingly illegal in A LOT of countries. Whilst that seems madness to me who is from the UK, others do have opposing experiences with this. Remote working allows people from different cultures, beliefs, and religions to come together with mutual professional interest and respect. With the right guidance, this is where understanding, tolerance, and compassion are created!

Parents - Remote working gives the opportunity for more autonomy to schedule meetings around school pick-ups, PTA meetings, or doctor appointments. Parents need flexibility, and the time and energy back that remote working provides. Granted, some parents may not actually want to work from home if they don’t have a lot of space and are surrounded by playful kids. Flexible working however provides the opportunity to explore that however you like. Besides, from what I gather, childcare is rather expensive! So if you can stay home and work whilst caring for your children, amazing!

Campaigning and protesting are prominent in today's world and people want to be listened to. Remote working allows humans to embrace their individual styles and schedules for working. People are multi-passionate and complex and could actually consider multiple careers, freelancing, co-creation, or even entrepreneurship now. Remote working allows people to be creative and find a work style that works for their unique makeup.

Remote work promotes access, participation, and progression in future employability for the neuro-diverse, minority groups, and those with more unique everyday challenges. Intersectionality can also be tackled here too as ultimately remote working brings together a diverse range and combination of challenges. It encourages diverse interactions and cooperation between people who may not gravitate towards each other naturally in their lives.


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