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How does attendance management software help the organisation?

by Saajan Sharma 2 years ago in product review

Benefits of attendance management software for and organisation

Attendance management software is often underestimated. However, it is completely wrong to say so. Probably, it is the only module that supports other modules of the software as well. For instance, many HRMS users use it to make the use of payroll software in Delhi easier.

In this blog, we show you how attendance management software helps the organisation.

Time & attendance management- The attendance monitoring and tracking are easier thereby avoiding any sort of errors. Multiple policies can be configured in no time with great ease, arrears can be processed as well. Besides, over time can also be calculated using the software. Whether it’s managing multiple shifts, calculating overtime, creating reports, and sharing live location, all of it can be done easily.

Employee leave management- Leaves can be managed easily using the attendance management software.The leave policy can be configured and edited by the employer anytime. Besides, leaves can be categorised into earned leaves, casual and sick leaves, etc. At the beginning of every month, the software credits the leaves to every employee’s leave balance. It reflects them on the dashboard of each employee in the form of bar graphs. Moreover, it also encashes the earned leaves of employees, whenever they apply for a leave.

Employee shift management- Managing multiple shifts have always been a pain in the neck. But with a software that allows you to manage shifts easily, it isn’t a problem anymore. Employees can be assigned raosters with automatic scheduler. One can also configure the weekly offs of different employees as per the organisational and individual needs easily.

Holiday calendar management- The attendance management software also makes holiday management easy. You can publish the hoilday calendar for different locations. This avoids the confusion amongst employees related to a particular holiday.

In short, attendance management software makes not just attendance management but payroll management easier too. This is why whenever organisations in Delhi or other cities look for payroll software in Delhi, they look for attendance management software in Delhi as well.

Basically, attendance management software helps an organisation in more ways than one. The payroll software fetches the information from the attendance management software. This helps them in processing the right salary amount to the account of each employee. Moreover, it also helps in categorising the leaves, keeping a track of work hours , process arrears, encash leaves etc. the shift management also becomes hassle-free. Many of the tasks related to attendance of employees get automated thereby improving the employee and employer relationship.

So, if you don’t have an attendance management software, start searching for the kind of software that aligns with your requirements the best. Ask for references, take help of the internet, take demos. Weigh the pros and cons and then make a choice.

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