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How Do Semi-Gloss Business Cards Help Your Real Estate Business?

How Do Semi-Gloss Business Cards Help Your Real Estate Business?

By shirin habibzadehPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Real Estate Semi-Gloss Business Card

Business cards help your clients to remember you. In the real estate world, a professional business card can alter your fortune. People evaluate you and your business by the card they receive from you. Later, they will assess your business card quality. In the final stage, even if the influence over their decision-making is not direct, it has some effects on it for sure. So, real estate business cards and their material reflects on the work you do. First things first, you need to find a place where you can get your business cards. Today’s world is online, and it can help us check out the websites of these online printing services to bring better examples. As an instance, you can check out Agent Print’s website. There we can find multiple kinds of business cards. The options range from matte to semi-gloss and all the way to gloss and suede ones. But why should we settle for any of them? Why can real estate semi-gloss business cards be what you want?

What is semi-gloss exactly?

Before answering this question, we better know the differences between matte and glossy paper stocks. There are many core differences between the two. But we need to know what they are to some extent. Why is that? Well, semi-gloss has a mixture of both of those materials, as its name suggests. So, knowing the characteristics of each will help make up our minds. The semi-gloss paper has the advantages of both of the other options. So, it may be easier to make your final decision. To better help you in this process, the following paragraphs are dedicated to finding their similarities and positive points.

What Are Some Features of Matte Business Cards?

These real estate matte business cards have the bare minimum amount of coating. The thin layer of coating allows this paper stock to be suitable for written texts. The logic behind it is that the coating increases the glare. Therefore, the matte paper has a small amount of glare. So, it is easy on the eyes naturally. The other positive feature of a matte business card is that it does not keep fingerprints on it. Therefore, oily and sweaty hands will not alter the card. And the colors look as if they are deep inside the texture, which is true. The paper with less coating absorbs the colors. Ultimately, it looks as if the colors on the card have depth.

Real Estate Matte Business Cards

What Are Some Features of Gloss Business Cards?

Gloss paper stock gets a thicker level of coating. The final result is that the card will feel more sturdy and durable. Matte business cards may call for better care. While you store and hand them out, you may see them crumple. But real estate high gloss business cards have solved this problem. It will be less prone to bending and crumpling.

Real Estate High Gloss Business Cards

A gloss business card is perfect for adding pictures to it. As a real estate agent, adding your logo and photo can help you promote your brand. Moreover, your card with pictures and colorful elements helps your clients to remember you by them.

Semi-Gloss Business Cards Come With a Solution!

As you can see, the two materials have their pros and cons. Each has features that the other lacks. But there should be a way to reduce these definite features. The bottom line is that the amount of coating material determines the final product. So, why not add it to an average level? Maybe this way we can have the positive qualities of each product all in one. The semi-gloss paper stock promises to achieve this effect. To a great degree, it has been successful.

On some real estate printing supplier websites, the gloss business cards are more expensive. Some offer the matte ones at a higher price. The good thing is that semi-gloss paper is more cost-effective. It is priced as much as the cheaper option, or it is somewhere in between. Regardless, it is more affordable, as well.

How Is Semi-Gloss Paper Stock Similar to Matte Paper?

The semi-gloss business card has a combination of features from the two other mentioned materials. The semi-gloss paper stock has less glare than gloss paper. Therefore, it is less reflective. This quality makes it perfect for written texts. The same as matte paper stock, written texts are legible on this stock, as well.

Semi-gloss paper stock is also less prone to absorbing fingerprints. Again, this is an advantage we saw in matte paper stock. As a result, semi-gloss cards are ideal for those days when you have to hand out cards in an event or place with lots of food and drinks available. The sweaty and oily hands will not alter the visual quality of your card.

Semi-Gloss Is Like Matte Paper Stock in That:

  • It does not absorb fingerprints
  • It reflects less glare
  • The written texts are legible on it

How Is a Semi-Gloss Business Card Similar to a Gloss Business Card?

A gloss paper stock offers a delicate picture quality. So, you can add detailed pictures to your design. You can be sure the final product has the colors without fading into one another. Plus, the colors are lively and vibrant. The semi-gloss paper offers the same features.

Gloss paper feels thicker and softer under the touch. The same goes for semi-gloss business cards in comparison to matte ones.

Moreover, this business card will not bend and crumple easily. There are different paper thicknesses from which to choose. The 18 pt gloss paper is the best you can get. As a general rule, the thicker the paper stock, the better the final product.

The semi-gloss business card is like the gloss one in that:

  • It has better picture quality with higher resolution
  • Feels thicker
  • It does not crumple easily
  • Has some glare
  • The colors seem more vivid

In a way, we can say that a semi-gloss business card takes the best of both worlds. But some may still prefer to keep the shine level to the maximum. These people prefer gloss paper over all others. And some may choose the minimal and chic features of matte paper stock over the others. Is there a bold feature you have on your mind? It may be best to go for it. Either the glossy or matte business cards can satisfy you. But if you are sitting on the fence indecisively, the semi-gloss paper stock will save your day.

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