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How do I find out if a contractor is licensed in Delaware?

Want to work as a contractor in Delaware but don’t know where to start?

By License LookupPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Did you know that the job of a contractor is one of the happiest jobs in the world? That is mainly due to the relationships between coworkers and employers. Those who employ in this sector strive to create a friendly and cooperative environment.

However, like any other job, the job of a contractor requires to have official qualifications. To become a qualified contractor, you must obtain a Delaware Contractor License.

Having to deal with an unlicensed worker may sometimes become an additional burden for the employer. It may be a red flag for the latter since there is no official proof to show if the employee is skilled for the job or not.

Who is a contractor?

The job of a contractor is highly popular in the State of Delaware. The duties of a contractor include but are not limited to supplying all materials, equipment (engineering vehicles, tools, etc.), and other services needed for the construction. A general contractor may also employ subcontractors.

Thus, the nature of the work shows that it is important to officially obtain the qualifications. So, if you are interested in becoming a contractor or hiring one, you should, first of all, know the differences between a licensed and unlicensed contractor.

What is a license?

A license is a formal document that allows you to work legally. It is a sign of trustworthiness and professionalism that guarantees both the employers’ and employees’ security. Additionally, it helps you earn a better reputation and higher pay.

So, of course, there are so many benefits of having an official license to be able to perform legal and professional work. Those who are not licensed may have difficulties finding a job and earning good salaries.

Obtaining a license of a contractor in Delaware

If you wish to engage in business as either a contractor or subcontractor in the State of Delaware, whether you are a resident or non-resident of Delaware, you must obtain a license from the Division of Revenue. There are many types of contractor licenses that you may obtain according to your professional interests.

Generally, most contracting licenses that Delaware has are either resident or non-resident licenses.

Some of the specialists who need to obtain a contractor license are:

  • Water Drillers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Pop installers

Common ways to find out if a contractor is licensed or not

If you are hiring a contractor and are interested in whether or not they are licensed. If they are not, you may have problems working with them. There are a couple of ways to find it out.

Ask directly

When the contractor comes to your house to give you a bid, ask to see their pocket license, along with a picture I.D. Make sure the person you're dealing with is the same person on the license.

Remember that most licensed contractors are honest, competent, hardworking, and responsible. If they refuse to show their license, it may be a sign of their unprofessionalism. So, in that case, you may want to reconsider working with them.

Ask for a feedback

Family and friends recently may have had similar experiences with the contractor you are interested in working with. After all, they are the people you trust, and this is the easiest way to be sure about the professional’s skills. If they are happy with the results, chances are you will be, too.

To check if the contractor is financially responsible, you can refer to local customers, material suppliers, subcontractors, and financial institutions.


If you have not met the contractor and do not have ways to ask them about their license, you can check it by yourself online. Check your contractor’s current business address and phone number. You can find a licensed contractor's "address of record" when you look up their license status.

Additionally, license lookup will help you have a more detailed search. To do this, just enter the criteria according to the particular contractor’s data, and do a simple search.

To sum up…

There are a couple of ways that you can find out if the contractor you want to work with is reliable or not. However, you may have other means to do that. Just make sure to work with qualified professionals to avoid further problems.


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