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How Can Real Estate Matte Business Cards Help Your Business?

Are you looking for matte business cards in Canada? This story is for you.

By shirin habibzadehPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Real Estate Matte Business Cards

Business cards seem to be an essential marketing tool these days. In the real estate business, most brokers and real estate agents understand the value of keeping in touch with people. But how could you keep your network of people updated about your latest listings with no real estate business cards? There should be a way for people to reach you directly. On top of that, business cards can help you stand out. Most real estate agents are equipped with business cards. There must be a way for your business card to pop up first in the minds of your clients, surely. For this to happen, your taste and professionalism can come in handy. As long as you put enough thought into choosing the right business card, you have a place in people’s minds.

But first, you need to find a place that offers good quality printing services. These days, online printing suppliers can provide you with whatever you wish. For example, on Agent Print’s website, you can see real estate matte business cards ready to order just a few clicks away.

Have a Clear Map for Your Decision

After finding the perfect printing company, you need to focus on why you choose matte business cards over other variations like real estate semi-gloss business cards. The decision may seem insignificant now. However, you wish you had given it more thought in time. So, why not see the features of real estate matte business cards and realize why they are ideal for you, beforehand?

Real Estate Semi-Gloss Business Cards

Why Are Business Cards So Important?

Are you wondering why so many people are losing their minds over choosing the right business card? They may have a point. But you may think this through in a more logical way and weigh the pros against cons to make up your mind faster. First, real estate business cards are the first thing your prospective clients see and later remember you by. So, you may as well put some thoughts into it. You could project your and your business’s characteristics somewhere on your card. While the design matters, the quality of the paper stock is of no less level of importance. Matte business cards look professional and have their pros. The advantages are why many real estate agents choose to go with them.

Matte Business Cards Are Perfect for Texts

If you do not want to make your design messy, then a matte business card is for you. The matte finish allows the texts to be clear and legible. While the pictures may not show off their best quality, the written texts will. Minimal and chic cards could look best with matte paper stock. The matte business cards are easy on the eyes, in general. So, it is easy to grasp the texts on the card in one glance. The reason for this is pretty simple. The glare is almost nonexistent on a matte business card. Therefore, all can read the texts without tiring their eyes. Also, the matte paper is able to absorb more ink. This feature will result in deeper colors. However, you may want to avoid pictures filled with details as the colors may merge into one another. The paper has textures over which the color can run freely in a sense.

What Are the Other Advantages of a Matte Business Card?

The matte cards have a coating, as well. But this coating in a matte finish is not as thick as the glossy ones. Therefore, it results in the paper not attracting fingerprints on it. On glossy papers, the card may end up full of oily fingerprints. The chances of this happening to a matte card is much lower.

Matte paper is also excellent for writing notes on it. While a business card may not be suitable for taking thorough notes, you may add a simple reminder of the listing or your changed phone number on it. All you need is a pen to write the things you or your client need. On glossy paper, this option is not available.

Matte Paper Stock Is More Eco-friendly

Does your company value the importance of keeping the environment safe and clean? If so, you may proceed with matte business cards. These cards are recyclable one hundred percent most of the time. So, you can stand by your values in all aspects of your business. Your environmentally conscious clients will appreciate your fine choices in return.

Check Out Your Work Environment

Are your listings in the urban area, mostly? If you do not have to struggle with dirt and dust every day in your workplace, matte cards are more suitable for you. A real estate high gloss business card can last better for those who work in a harsher environment like factories. But real estate agents do not have to deal with those situations mostly. Therefore, you have the place to keep matte business cards safe and tidy.

Real Estate High Gloss Business Cards

Some pros of matte business cards:

  • More legible
  • Less prone to keeping fingerprints
  • Colors are deeper
  • Eco-friendly
  • Less glare
  • Can write on them
  • Allow feeling the texture of the paper

What Are Some Cons of Matte Business Cards?

The first is that you may want to forget about pictures with accurate expressions. These pictures will downgrade the final quality of the printing. The next thing worth mentioning is that matte paper stock may fold and bend easier. Glossy paper stock is more sturdy. However, 18 pt paper stock for matte business cards will result in better quality final products.

Some cons of matter business cards:

  • Not suitable for printing detailed pictures
  • Less durable
  • Less vividness of colors
  • They can be more expensive

Do Matte Business Cards Cost More?

While the observation may be correct for some real estate printing suppliers, it is quite the contrary to others. Some companies set their pricing in a way to please more customers. For example, on Agent Print, the matte business cards are considerably cheaper. So, you can find companies that have different pricing strategies and use them to your advantage. You only need to do more research before making up your mind.

The final note is that it all depends on your taste. So, you may choose either and pay attention to the details provided. For example, you could go for a glossy card but keep the texts to a minimum. In the same way, you could choose a matte paper finish and include fewer pictures and more printed texts.

But here is one thing you need to remember. As a real estate agent, you will have some information that has to be on the card. Your logo, address, and contact information are a must either way. Unless you want to swim in the opposite way, you need to consider what others with more experience are doing.

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