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How Can Brochures Help Your Real Estate Business?

Are you looking for real estate brochures? This story is for you.

By shirin habibzadehPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Real Estate Brochures

Brochures are on the top list of most realtors’ marketing tools. In the real estate business, you can give the most prominent information in one glance using brochures. Real estate brochures are easy to get and cost-effective, as well. Some of the most professional online printing suppliers, such as Agent Print, have made access to this printed product easier. Browsing the internet is enough to find out about printing companies that offer you a good deal of options for printed products. After you determine your real estate printing supplier, you need to know more about the product you want and its features. What are the things clients expect from a brochure? How much does quality matter? Why are brochures the perfect product your business needs now? These certain questions can occupy your mind, and the answers are here now.

Why Are Brochures Essential?

Brochures are, in a way, an invention of the 20th century. The first ones were handwritten and lacked the technology we see today. However, in time they got better and better. To the point that now we can discuss their necessity. Brochures are one of the first things any marketer thinks of for a real estate business. This product has several features making it ideal. For example, we all know that brochures give us the utmost information about a property. Does it have a basement, or is it done renovating? This basic information is the first thing any buyer should know. And you may present each lead with a brochure to further think about the place on their own.

Brochures Are Versatile

One of the features that make brochures so popular is their versatility. You can alter and adjust almost anything you see on it. Sometimes, you may want to focus more on the visuals of your brochure. So, you may add more pictures of the property you are promoting. The design, fonts, and even the folds are different and adjustable. So, when it comes to printed real estate brochures, creativity knows no limits.

Brochures Are Noticeable

The higher time of exposure to a brochure adds to their effectiveness. When prospects are concentrated on reading and observing your brochures, they seriously consider your property. Plus, they increase the sensitivity of our tactile sensory. We may even be able to remember data more easily later if we involve the element of touch into our experience. A high-quality paper stock will increase reader engagement time. If you recognize the quality of the paper is high, then you may want to focus on what is in the brochure, as well. Therefore, it is safe to say they are tangible. Moreover, the more time they spend on them, the more you invest in your brand awareness.

Brochures Can Keep Guests Company

The details you provide on a real estate brochure can guide people. Even when you are not around, one look at your brochure can help people see the highlights. They may be present at your open house event. And you may be busy showing the potentials of the property to other prospective buyers. While you are at it, the other guests can find their way through and explore. This way they find out on their own why the place is suitable for them. Plus, some people make better connections with written information and prefer to be on their own. They can imagine what it is like to live there and start anew.

Brochures Introduce You and Your Brand

Brochures are not always to highlight a property. The other use you can think about is to introduce your business to the prospects. Is the marketing brochure supposed to pinpoint the unique characteristics of a listing? Even so, you need to add a section about yourself. There you can give your contact information, slogan and anything that can help you get more known. However, it is better to keep things summarized. Do not add lengthy descriptions that may be boring here. Plus, the space on brochures is limited unlike in real estate booklets. If you want a readable font size, you may keep explanations short and to the point. Still, one thing is for sure. You can raise your brand awareness using brochures.

Real Estate Booklets

Brochures are:

  • Versatile
  • Tangible
  • Helpful to open house guests
  • Raise brand awareness

What Makes up a Successful Brochure?

There is certain information you need to include in your brochure. Are you aiming to get a property sold? Then you need to add convincing phrases to help make this happen. The descriptions need to be brief and to the point yet fruitful. A simple map could also give a better sense of the actual model. The photographs need to be high-quality and eye-grabbing. You may want to consult a professional photographer for more prominent listings. The price and legal information better be included, as well.

Things You Need to Include for Your Branding

Then, there are things you need to include for your brand’s sake. Your email and office address, along with your other contact information, must come on the brochure. Why are you a competent real estate agent? Why are people trusting you? You can add a description and focus on answering these questions.

What Are the Special Features You May Include?

Enough about the necessities. Let us focus on game-changing features. You may provide a 3D view of the property you are promoting. For example, a QR code can help people access it online and see things in real life. A virtual tour takes people to see all the mention-worthy features you have stated. You may include this content on your website, as well. Accessing the website is fast and easy for everyone.

A Night View Works Wonders

Add collages and include a night view of the property, as well. Some places shine the brightest once all the lights are on. The dark background puts the house under the spotlight. Therefore, you can impress your buyers and those who get their hands on your brochures. You need to impress other agents, buyer leads, and anyone interested in your agency or the properties you represent. You help unique properties further stand out with these brochures and bold their exceptional features.

Things you need to include on a brochure:

  • Your contact information
  • Website and 3D view QR code
  • Your description, along with the property’s
  • A night view
  • High definition pictures
  • Catchy notes
  • Concise and to the point information
  • A map

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