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How are Real Estate Brokers Helping People Finding Their Dream House For Sale In Vaughan During Covid-19?

by william john 8 months ago in business

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How are Real Estate Brokers Helping People Finding Their Dream House For Sale In Vaughan During Covid-19?
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Within a few months of the Pandemic, we have seen drastic changes in the form of lockdowns and major business closures. This has also lead to a significant decline in the stock exchange market. The coronavirus or COVID-19 has affected everyone's day-to-day life, and it is still continuing. Every industry in one way or another is affected by this virus, and real estate industry listings house for sale in Vaughan is no exception.

Every broker, buyer and seller is experiencing and finding new ways to do the business amid this Pandemic. The real estate industry that deals with in-person showings and meetings have now changed to digitally, which means the brokers prefer to have virtual house tours instead of the traditional open houses.

With this COVID-19 Pandemic, everyone is uncertain about what the future holds; however, Bashir Ahmed, real estate broker, is still working hard and preparing thousands of units ready to hit the market, but being very responsible and mitigating the face to face interactions.

Bashir Ahmed is strictly adhering and promoting the rules that have been put forward by the government and ways on how to conduct business. This includes maintaining social distance, following preventive measures, avoiding large gatherings, limiting open houses and showings and focusing on remote working policies.

Using Social Media Platforms To Share Useful Content

People are curious, and they are always searching for relevant information pertaining to their interests, especially if they are looking for a home to buy. The Bashir Ahmed, the real estate broker, is making efforts to keep their clients up to date with the latest information about the impact coronavirus has on the real estate industry as well as how they are dealing with this issue. Sharing useful tips for those who are searching for homes while staying within their home and also for those who are visiting places for a home tour and have to interact with the public on how to stay healthy, limit contact and have necessary items.

The working procedures of real estate agents that include open houses, home walk-throughs and face to face meetings with clients have been impacted significantly. However, in these difficult times, people are still moving houses and are looking for new ones while staying at home, and social media platforms have proven to be useful in this aspect. All real estate agents are positively using these platforms to stay connected to their clients and potential homebuyers. This has become vital for the agents if they want to keep their businesses flourish during this unpredictable time.

Available 24 Hours To Give a Timely And Prompt Response

In this difficult situation, Bashir Ahmed has taken the necessary steps to be there for their clients whenever they need him. He has done this by keeping the lines of communication open and answering all the questions that come his way in a timely manner. By sharing his contact information, he is letting his clients know that he is available if they reach out to him through emailing, messaging, and leaving comments on social media. Most of the time, I also recorded a live video that enables me to answer client questions in real-time. By doing this, it will help our clients in finding a better resource along with keeping up to date.

Focusing On Providing Virtual Tours

With the stress is given upon maintaining social distancing, giving home tours to the clients have been cancelled. However, it does not mean that our clients cannot experience it because we are moving to provide it digitally. For our available house listings, our agents are utilizing their phone cameras to record the video of walk-throughs. If necessary, we can edit and post it alongside the listings. And share them across the social media platforms we are using. This is similar to having FaceTime with your loved ones. We are providing our clients with virtual and real-time experience. Research has shown that people use the internet when searching for their dream homes. And by offering additional information, we provide them with a visually interactive way, which is a great tactic.

Home Tours Conducted In a Safe Manner

Even with these innovative steps taken to provide a virtual tour of the listings, some clients still prefer to have a home tour and see their potential home in person. And to cater to these client's needs, we have taken several preventive steps to keep the showings safe both for ourselves and clients.

We wear masks all the time during the showings, sanitize hands, lockbox, front doorknob, house keys, and the face of the lockbox as we leave. Sometimes to minimize the touching of the surfaces, we try to leave all lights on and doors open prior to the day of the house tour. When this is not the case, then we take the responsibility of opening the doors and turning lights on with the elbow.

Apart from using hand sanitizers, masks and gloves, we are focusing on offering a no-touch environment for our potential buyers walking through the homes available for sale. We will open all the cupboards doors, closets, turn on and off light switches and much more. And this is done as per the client's request when touring the house.

With this approach, the potential client can have a walkthrough of the home without touching anything. This method has proven to provide buyers with a feeling of being safe and comfortable when exploring the home.

Bashir Ahmed- A Beacon Of Hope In This Crisis

Although the COVID-19 has left a huge impact and created several difficult challenges for the businesses. And being uncertain of how long it will last, it has allowed us to utilize our ability to adapt to every situation. Bashir Ahmed has taken several steps in devising protective and safe strategies. It is to keep the business running and offering our clients the relevant information they need in this crucial time. We are leaving no stone unturned in helping our clients finding a new home either to buy or rent. We are assisting them in shopping for their home online as they do for other products.

william john
william john
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