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How an Enterprise PDF Editor Can Simplify Workflow in Small Businesses

by Shawn Mike 3 years ago in workflow
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Learn how to boost your business productivity and revenue with the help of a PDF editor.

IT is evolving every day and it is affecting everything it touches. There has been a significant change in workplace dynamics as well. Employees have started working in more flexible ways such as on mobile devices or by other remote ways. Thus, in order to provide better remote working experience for your employees, you must possess the right digital solutions for your business. This will help in making the business more successful by making the processes more productive.

Which is the best way to start embedding the digital system? As we know that most of the official documents are in PDF format, it is an ubiquitous file format that can be accessed easily at any time and any place, but still, only one in 10 employees have access to a PDF solution. About two in five office workers believe that by using the right PDF solution, the efficiency of their work would be enhanced.

In this article, we have explained that how a good PDF solution can boost productivity and improve the revenue of the company. Moreover, we have also explained that how a PDF editor will make the life of your employees easier.

How to Manage the PDF Files

In the previous days, when the people did not have access to PDF editors, the employees used to take a print of the PDF file, highlight the mistakes, scan the document, and then send it back to the required destination. The problems that were a result of this method are highlighted below:

  • Security Issue: A printed document can be misplaced easily. So, if the document contains confidential data then you can get into a lot of trouble. According to a study, about 90 percent of the US companies have reported the leakage of sensitive data. Hence, paper files are not secure at all. That is why paper documents are included in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance recommendations.
  • Paper files are not trackable. When you take a print of the document and mark up the mistakes or changes, then the visibility of the document is affected, especially if the document is reviewed by multiple people. Moreover, you cannot keep track of the editing history of the document due to which there is no accountability factor present in the case of paper documents.
  • It consumes money and time. The paper-based process is costly as well as time-consuming. A lot of money is spent on paper, toner, ink, printers, etc. Employees waste a lot of time in managing and printing the files. Furthermore, this process is not environmentally friendly, with many trees to be cut down to produce paper.

Another method which is used for editing the PDF files is to copy the content of the PDF file and then paste it into Microsoft Word because the editing is easier in Word format. But with this method images, signatures and other elements of PDF files do not transfer properly to the Word format. Therefore, you have to reformat the whole document, which is also time-consuming.

So, both of the editing methods defined above are not viable for those who want to be efficient and productive; therefore, we recommend using a good PDF editor instead. A PDF solution also has the ability to convert different format files into PDF format and vice versa. There are different converters that can be used for generating PDFs. For example, if you want to generate your presentation into a PDF then you can convert the PPT to PDF with the help of a good PDF software program like Classic PDF.

The Advantages of a Good PDF Editor

By choosing the right PDF solution, you can complete your daily tasks easily. There are a lot of benefits of a good PDF solution. The old methods of PDF editing require a lot of extra processes.

According to the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), you can improve the productivity of the company by reducing the number of extra processes. AIIM showed that about 84 percent of organizations that executed a digital transformation process have seen a return on their investment in less than a year and a half. About 59 percent of organizations received all of their money back in less than one year and 26 percent of the companies achieved the return on investment in just six months.

Here we have listed some advantages of a good PDF editor.

Get signatures without wasting time.

The PDF solutions are now integrated with eSignature capability. Hence, the employees do not need to wait outside the offices for getting signatures as the files can be signed easily by just one click. The electronic signature ability saves the time and effort of the employees. The signatures can be obtained even if the person who is required to sign the file is not present in the office. There is no involvement of printing, signing, scanning or faxing in this process.

Avoid security issues.

You may have heard the incident in which the employee had left the secret document at a public place. The PDF solution provides great security features that are built-in. These security features help in managing the permissions and to track the editing history. So, when the PDF files are sent, received, and edited in the cloud, the data is safe because it can be tracked easily.

Enhance collaboration.

The PDF format allows easy and productive collaboration. You can annotate the files in real-time with the help of good PDF editors. The collaborative environment will help your employees to work from anywhere, and at any time. This helps in keeping a work/life balance.

Hence, productive PDF solutions do not only boost productivity, but also result in better customer services and employee satisfaction. We will recommend you get the right PDF solution for you that possesses all the important features required by your business. Moreover, by using a good PDF editor, you can also generate a PDF file from other file formats. For example, the Classic PDF can also work as an Online Excel to PDF converter.

We hope that this article will help you in improving the efficiency of your business.


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Shawn Mike

Shawn Mike has been working with writing challenging clients for over five years. He occasionally writes blog articles for Classic PDF.

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