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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Manage Your Incoming and Outgoing Phone Calls

by Wayne Williams 7 months ago in list
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A virtual assistant can manage your business efficiently.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Manage Your Incoming and Outgoing Phone Calls
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Running your business is no easy task at all. In many cases, it can be very overwhelming. Take into account working at your peak performance, supervising your team of staff, understanding finances, monitoring the sales, determining ROIs, improving products and services, answering queries, etc.

As your business grows, more and more tasks and responsibilities will be required. This means that you may need to acquire new resources for you to avoid overloading yourself and to keep your business on track.

For these reasons, you might benefit from hiring a general business virtual assistant. Currently, they’re popular among freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

A general virtual assistant (VA) is essentially your administrative assistant who helps you with a diverse array of professional functions to support a company remotely. They can help you in so many ways, one of that is managing your incoming and outgoing phone calls, round the clock, wherever they may be. I say ‘wherever’, because you can hire these people virtually from around the globe, through freelance platforms, virtual assistant agencies, and job sites.

They’re highly regarded, not just for their professionalism and discretion, but because they’re practically flexible in any given industry, one best example would be property management.

If your business is in this particular industry and you think hiring property management virtual assistants is the best option, then this article is the best tool for you answer your questions. Forget the hassle of having to be there in your physical office all the time or having to carry your smartphone anywhere just to monitor/engage important business affairs:


Your property management administrative assistant can handle answering questions about properties and advise about viewings. If you are looking for inspection appointments, your trusted personnel immediately set those up in the online calendar and get back to the prospective tenant with their viewing time. And as a follow-up task, the personnel will make sure that they will get feedback from the tenants. Take note, they’ll be able to separate the keen ones from the uninterested ones.


If you hire a business virtual assistant service in usa to handle customer service tasks, rest assured that your clients’ phone calls will be answered at all hours. This is especially true if you hire someone in a different time zone than you. So less worries for fewer unanswered calls, you can now spend more of your time engaging in profitable work without interruption --- no need to sleep late anymore.


Aside from 24/7 availability, companies hire a business virtual assistant to improve their customer engagement, it is more than just a telephone answering service. Usually, customer support involves providing more information about your company and its services, making bookings, telemarketing, remote support, initial condition report, etc.

Good thing, these tasks can be easily carry out with instructions from a manual, no face-to-face training is necessary. All you need to do is provide your virtual property manager assistant with all the relevant company information, product details, FAQs, and a script.

In case there is more in-depth queries, your VA can escalate the call to you or to another member of your team.


With regards to the maintenance process, the burden is with the property manager (PM), knowing the fact that the tradie is usually on the phone, while the tenant prefers email and the PM is usually stuck in the middle.

By hiring a property manager assistant, more priority tasks will be covered doubling the the number of properties that they can manage, rather than spending a huge amount of time on a relatively unimportant task. Therefore, a PM having a rent roll 150 can go to 300 in a matter of weeks! All thanks to the dedicated and cooperative virtual assistant.


As part of the initial leasing process, the property manager assistant service through your business virtual assistant also includes coordinating with tenants to arrange the perfect time to carry out a routine inspection.


At the near end of a lease period, your virtual property management assistant will automatically get an alert to start following up. Your assigned personnel will contact the property manager between 60 to 90 days before the lease is due to expire. The end-of-lease care is an important part of keeping both landlords and tenants mutually satisfied, and it’ll be the job of your dedicated property managers’ assistant to make sure this critical period runs smoothly.


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