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High Volume Hiring Strategies For 2020

by Nancy Ahuja 2 years ago in how to
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The U.S. labor market has been deeply impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The lingering effects are accelerating shifts that had already begun to transform the types of skillsets deemed “in-demand,” which means many companies will see skills gaps in many areas. The sudden change from a candidate-driven labor market to one with millions of unemployed workers means organizations must pivot and adopt new high volume hiring strategies to manage large candidate pools.

What is a High Volume Hiring Strategy?

A high volume hiring strategy is defined as a structured plan to rapidly identify and hire top talent. It is a dynamic, fluid blueprint for every stage and phase of the full hiring cycle that is designed to efficiently screen a large number of candidates.

Look Past Education and Experience

While education and experience are good indicators of qualified talent, they do not guarantee that candidates possess the skills needed to be successful in a position. To increase revenue growth and develop fair and unbiased employment processes that identify the best-qualified candidates, businesses must leverage objective measures such as skills tests.

As an industry leader in the employment assessment industry, eSkill has hundreds of customizable job-and skill-based tests and makes it easy for employers to develop an objective process for evaluating the skills, knowledge, and cognitive abilities required for any position across industries.

eSkill’s online skills tests provide an unbiased, validated evaluation of candidates’ ability to perform on-the-job tasks and enable hiring teams to select candidates based on merit, rather than background. Employers can eliminate unqualified applicants and easily identify candidates who have the skills they need by leveraging reliable indicators of future job success at the initial stage of the hiring process.

Streamline the Initial Interview

eSkill’s user-friendly, one-way video interviewing platform enables hiring teams to view, score, and quickly weed through responses anywhere and anytime. Using on-demand, or one-way video interviews at the front end of the hiring process enables talent professionals to simplify volume hiring and reduce time-to-hire.

As opposed to live video conferencing software like Zoom, the hiring team does not have to be present during the interview. Candidates record responses to a set of predetermined questions at their convenience and submit the answers for review. This enables talent professionals to move more candidates through the hiring cycle faster, eliminate unqualified applicants, and spend more time with top candidates.

Leverage Automated Processes

In challenging times such as these, your hiring process needs to be as quick and efficient as possible. With automated processes, employers can manage more positions and a higher volume of candidates successfully, which enables them to quickly scale up hiring. By automating candidate communication, skills evaluation, and interview scheduling, hiring teams can work more efficiently and have more time to focus on critical projects.

eSkill’s suite of technology-powered hiring tools improves volume hiring by:

●Automatically ranking job-seekers based on relevant skill sets

●Integrating with existing HR tools

●Sending custom notifications to applicants depending on test results

●Providing employers with thorough score reports

●Enabling hiring teams to flag or reject multiple candidates simultaneously

Volume hiring can be time-consuming and costly, but eSkill’s user-friendly automation tools make it possible to implement a fast and cost-effective hiring process.

Don’t Forget to Look at Your Most Promising Talent Pool

As the economy begins to reopen, companies must remember to look at their most promising talent pool—existing employees. Hiring from within your organization is about more than just finding the right talent. It is also about retaining quality workers. According to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2020 report,

73% of HR professionals surveyed indicated internal recruiting is a top priority for their company.

When companies promote or move existing employees to better-matched jobs, they boost morale, create a more positive employee experience, and increase employee retention. According to a research report published by Gartner, employee motivation is 27% higher and retention is 33% higher in companies that have a well-structured and fully-implemented internal talent market. If you want to implement a high volume hiring strategy, consider adding eSkill’s employment skills tests and video interviewing software to your HR tech stack so you can hire top candidates faster.

Interested in Implementing a High Volume Hiring Strategy?

Learn more about the benefits of using eSkill’s employment skills tests and one-way video interviewing software to reduce time-to-hire. Request a demo today.

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