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High Confidence VS High Competence

by Mr Arsalan 4 months ago in humanity

High Confidence with Low Competence VS High Competence With Low Confidence

High Confidence VS High Competence
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Everyone wants to be successful in life, but they need to know what are the things you need to care about more so you clear your way to becoming successful. in this article, we learn High confidence or high competence which plays a big role in a successful life.

Now everyone not a Steve Jobs, everyone doesn’t have high confidence, and the people who are low confidence see themselves as the normal people. they think they're never going to be successful but this is a myth.

WHY? Because if you have low confidence but you can work hard on your skill and have high competence you can be a successful person.

So let's learn what if you have high confidence but low competence or you have high competence but low confidence what are the people who are more successful in the long term.

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High Confidence with Low competence VS High Competence with Low Confidence

High confidence people are great in their body language and verbal communication, and they are energetic and more. but if you have low competence that means not master in some skills, then this all works in the short term but in the long run, this guy who has high confidence but low competence didn't do well.

Because let's say the person who is a fighter and this guy has high confidence he is lovely in body language and communication but in the fighting, this guy didn't have much skill this guy has some average skill in fighting.

So what this guy does is that they show the audience that they are very good, and the audience thinks they are thrown out to other fighters. but this not happened because the other fighter is low in confidence and the audience thinks this guy didn't do well.

But his skill is very advanced, what happened is what people think the guy who has high confidence and low competence will win or the other will lose.

But it’s not happened the guy who shows off to the people about how much power he has and confident about it, they didn't do well in action. because they don't have the main thing that will help them win the fight. which is high competence.

You need to have high competence for it and you see a lot of time who have low confidence but have high competence they will win. because they didn't show off they always better themselves.

They never called themselves a perfect man. so with the help of their skill they win, and I am not telling you high confidence is a bad thing, not it not but you need to understand which is your priority. high competence helps you master a skill of your industry so you beat the people who are high confidence but have low competence.

Competence is a great creator of confidence.

Mary Jo Putney


You become a successful person if your priority is your competence then second your confidence if you can do this you can achieve whatever your goals are.

High competence with low confidence will lead you to success but high confidence with low competence will give you trouble in the long term.

With your hard work, you can create a better future, and then if you build your confidence level this will be a great step. but first, we need to have high competence to win the game of success.

Knowledge is great. Competence is great. But the combination of both encourages people to trust you and increases your powers of enchantment. And in this world, the combination is a breath of fresh air.

Guy Kawasaki

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Mr Arsalan
Mr Arsalan
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