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Hercules Pappas Explains 10 Myths About Law

by Hercules Pappas 8 months ago in fact or fiction

Hercules Pappas Explains 10 Myths About Law

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Although, being a highly respected profession in today’s time, lawyers are often bothered by the stereotypical myths that don’t seem to get disconfirm any sooner says Hercules Pappas. There are a lot of misjudgments about lawyers, which continue to dominate the thought process of every person out there.

If you think a lawyer wants to take advantage of your position, you’re wrong! Let us guide you through a record level. Lawyers are hardworking people who do best in their profession to help as many people as they can. So next time someone tells you something contradictory about this professional, lead them through this article. Continue reading some of the most common myths about lawyers:

There is a lot of information about lawyers on the internet, many of it is not true. Here are the top 10 myths about lawyers you ask? Read on.

1. Lawyers are Belligerent

Unfortunately, TV shows have come to represent lawyers as hostile and aggressive. As a result, lawyers get a faulty rap for being aggressive. The truth is most lawyers don’t walk around screams at the court or people to win their case. What they do is assert themselves against their adversaries. Good lawyers concentrate on legal and factual arguments, not on other argument attacks. Lawyers like Hercules Pappas stand up for their clients and present information that contradicts the other side’s dispute. Standing up for their customer should not be mistaken for aggression.

Aggressive lawyers will not help you win your case but an aggressive lawyer can certainly be to your advantage. After all, you want a lawyer who w ill protect your best interest and who won’t be afraid to work for you.

2. Lawyers are liars

Imagination and jokes about the overall good value of legal counselors are normal and predictable. Legal advisors are regularly marked as liars. They are called unethical. More frequently than they should be, legal counselors are blamed for conspiring and plotting to sabotage equity or their customers.

However, would they say they are true? Turning into an attorney is hard. Normally it requires 7 years of study, a thorough foundation examination, and doing the law knowledge review. When attorneys get their permit, they become officials of the court and make a vow to follow a severe arrangement of expert morals rules. An official of the court is an individual that has an interest in creating sure that the court cycle capacities as it should. Legal counselors pay attention to these obligations.

3. Hiring a Lawyer is Expensive

The biggest reason why many people are doubtful to file a lawsuit is that they think hiring experienced lawyers or law firms an expensive endeavor. People believe that an attorney might cost them a lot of money, but some attorneys like Hercules Pappas and firms offer contingency fees, which means you only pay when you receive compensation.

Most law firms demand no upfront fee and charge a percentage of the compensation the victim receives. Some lawyers charge a regular rate, whereas most of them offer packages to customers depending on their budget. So if the cost is a higher concern for you, you can request a free quote in the beginning.

But if the lawyer does not make a recovery, the client does not pay legal fees.

4. Lawyers can’t be trusted

It’s really sad to say lawyers are trusted as much as CEOs, and politicians. Although, there are two people you should fully trust, your lawyer and your doctor. Lawyers need clients to be fully confident in them, unless, the lawyer cannot answer properly. Trust is something that needs to be made. Every good lawyer knows this and will work with you to get that trust.

5. Lawyer's work is exciting

One of the most common myths is that being a lawyer is always glamorous and exciting. Even though the TV shows focus on people in Law jobs being in court all the time. Rather, most lawyers spend a big part of their week quietly investigating and planning, not putting on a show in court. As well, while the screen makes legal work seem exciting because it seems everything happens at once and there is always lots of drama involved, in real life, many cases drag on for months or even years before they get to court, let alone are ended.

However, for most lawyers, their time is spent working on short civil court cases or on interfering between two or more parties and presenting legal consultation.

6. Lawyers can help with any case

While every lawyer has some basic understanding of the legal system, not all of them are knowledgeable in each area of law. Like doctors or other professionals, lawyers have particular areas of practice. That allows attorneys to best represent their client’s interests. If you are looking for a lawyer, it is suggested that you narrow your search to the area of law you are dealing with.

7. Lawyers are rich

The better statement is some lawyers are rich. There is a rumor of income across the legal field. It is very important for an attorney working for a nonprofit or solo practitioner. Partners at international firms, on the other hand, can get massive earnings. As has been seen over the years, different areas of the law provide different earning potential. To some extent, this depends on how hard lawyers want to work, how effective they are at obtaining clients, and the size of their legal team.

8. Lawyers can’t vacation

It’s no secret that practicing law is tough. Practicing law brings on added stress. It can certainly play with your emotions. No one can ever say that being a lawyer means you have to have a boring life. Lawyers are fun people too. Lawyers need to live a balanced life to be able to function at their best.

9. Lawyers cooperate with judges, police, and their colleagues

Most people think lawyers are dishonest and that they arrange confidential matters with the other side. The truth is, lawyers, do work with their equals, judges, and police. They are typically legitimate and in the best interest of the lawyer’s client. In fact, discussions between both parties may be the best way to resolve your case. An honest lawyer like Hercules Pappas will typically recommend you about this earlier so there’s no room for you to feel cheated.

10. Lawyers are ambulance chasers

Lawyers are not allowed to petition an injured or exposed person in any way. Lawyers cannot go to hospitals or courts looking for potential clients. Lawyers even have to be very careful about referrals.


The purpose of a lawyer in society is of great importance for everyone. They being part of the system of delivering justice and respect in society. Each individual has a well-defined code of conduct that needs to be followed by the person living in society.

The advocate, as an officer of the Court, also has the responsibility to provide services of sound quality. Moreover, as the officers of the court, the lawyers are required to support the dignity of the judicial office and maintain a respectful attitude towards the Court.

Thanks Regards Hercules Pappas

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Hercules Pappas
Hercules Pappas
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