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Healing and confronting reality

The present moment

By NoorelhoodaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
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Thoughts made of stone, scattered, tangled like a missy yarn. Anger, stress on the surface nothing under control or are we still controlling things?

To answer this question let us first contemplate how magnificent the brain is, to appreciate the body of emotions and the lovely soul we have, after a moment of gratitude, may I ask:

Do you feel the earth under your feet? do you still hear yourself breathing? you are still here, aren't you?

You are back.

Such a mechanism to protect us to awaken us from within, to shake what doesn't belong to us. think of it like your immune system.

That's when your healing journey begins.

If I am being honest with you, it frightens me, stresses me out it adds to the anxiety that I have.

What is healing? what if I am not on the right track? ...

wooof !!! it took me years to detach from what brings me stress, in reality, it's not the healing or the process; it's the attachment that everything in my life will be better if I complete this task of healing.

Well actually it's not the case, healing it's a lifetime journey, and there is no better place to start, to be, to listen, to create, but this moment now...

The pressure of " if I was in the future my life would be better than now" is right if you start unraveling the truth within from this exact moment, bringing awareness to what it's there, to" rearrange your mental furniture" as Elaine Aron said in her book The Highly Sensitive Person.

So we can define healing as a lifetime journey, the synonym of creating a better home for your inner world, your thoughts, your emotions, physical sensations, the YOU, added to that it's the process of acceptance, embracing the wounds, the trauma, working on it's reaction in your life to be a better one.

The essence of healing lies in confronting our reality as human beings and becoming conscious of our actions and emotions. Even in simple acts like brushing our teeth or washing our faces, we can delve deeper into our feelings and emotions without waiting for dramatic events to experience them.

As said in the book The Joy of True Meditation: Words of Encouragements for Tired Minds and Wild Hearts "... Feelings are always safe, it's our defenses that hurt so much" Jeff Foster

So what we understand from this like the case in the introduction, is what I did to bring to that stress is the primary act of being defensive towards this new idea, didn't I tell you to think of it like the immune system. so it will proceed with the knowledge that we have until it accepts the new idea, and that changes the reaction.

Of course "Humans are social by nature" Ibn Khaldun in his book AL Muqaddimah; it means in this context, that we learn how to behave towards the world, from the society we live in, so it's a normal consequence of ignoring what to do, stressing about what is next and freaking out about how to untangle the scattered wool in your mind

When the demand is love. " all feelings are looking for a home in you " quote in The Joy of True Meditation: Words of Encouragement for Tired Minds and Wild Hearts.

Love means listening to what is yelling inside, creating a space, a quality time to drop your defenses, an act of service towards your body, a gift to your soul, words to your powerful mind.

Just being present.

The reality of healing is simple yet complex, it requires detachment attachment, being in control, and complete surrender.

Finally, going to finish with this beautiful poetry, that resumes healing; somehow Karma.

Translated originally from Arabic, taken from the site:

literaturequoteshumanityhow toadvice

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