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Habits of Mentally Strong People

by Richard Owens 6 years ago in list / advice
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It is important to remember that you can strive to be more like those you admire by developing some of these habits of mentally strong people.

There are some people who just seem to have it all together. Even if they falter, they know exactly how to pick up the pieces. We may find ourselves admiring these resilient people in our lives, but it is important to remember that we can all strive to be more like them by developing some of these habits of mentally strong people.

Like any skill, developing a strong and resilient constitution is something you can strive to do over time. Mentally strong people are confident in themselves, optimistic, and able to problem-solve. It is not that they don’t have the same problems as other people, it is that they don’t let their problems or failures flatten them. Mentally strong people have many habits in common that allow them to succeed every day, and we can all strive to build these habits into our daily lives in an effort to be more mentally strong.

They Make a Habit of Optimism

Mentally strong people enforce their resilience and strength by always maintaining an optimistic outlook on life. While some people look down on optimists, mentally strong people are optimists and realists. They are aware of the reality, but always focused the bright side and the opportunities presented by each situation. What’s more, mentally strong people avoid the negative thoughts that often come along with stress and difficult life periods, and learn to avoid confusing negative feelings with reality. Practicing daily optimism can help you gear your mind to always see solutions.

They Are Problem-Solvers

Speaking of seeing solutions, you will notice that the strongest people in your life are ones that are solution-oriented. They are the ones who solve problems, can handle a crisis, and are able to be flexible when they need to. They rarely waste time complaining or wallowing in negative situations, and are able to learn and move on quickly from failures or difficult periods in their lives.

They Are Kind to Themselves

Mentally strong people do not get that way by beating themselves up emotionally. They have an inner-critic as we all do, but they don’t let that critic bully them. Instead they treat themselves in the same way they would treat a good friend, offering kind advice and encouragement in the face of failure or discouragement.

This can be one of the most difficult habits to form in your quest to become mentally mighty. It can be very difficult to be kind to ourselves and maintain self-esteem in the face of failure, but it essential to ensure you bounce back for future success.

They Don’t Seek Happiness From Others

The most mentally strong people are able to make themselves happy. They are complete people on their own, enjoying their own company and able to provide for their own needs. Of course, their lives are improved by their friends, family, colleagues and others—but they don't need anyone else to be happy. This lack of dependence on others let’s them stay true to themselves while engaging with and loving others.

They Set Boundaries and Enforce Them

Mentally strong people all have one thing in common: they know themselves. One of the advantages of truly knowing ourselves is getting to know our needs and limitations. Once we are aware of these things, we are able to set the boundaries we need to be happy.

This includes professional, friendly, personal, and romantic boundaries. The mentally strong identify what they need, and strive to ensure they have it. It takes practice and developing self esteem to get very good at creating and enforcing boundaries that work for you, but can be one of the most rewarding personal policies to develop.

They Expend Their Energy Efficiently

Mentally strong people are very organized and aware of how much time they have to accomplish everything they need to get done. They strive to use every moment of their day and every ounce of their energy efficiently. You will not see the strongest people in your life wasting time with people they do not care for or being interested in activities like small talk. They are aware of how valuable their time is, and make every second count.

They Strive to Live a Meaningful Life

This is another way of saying they “don’t sweat the small stuff.” While many of us are guilty of getting caught up in small, daily frustrations and losing sight of the “big picture,” the mentally strong are always aware of their goals and how each day plays into achieving them. The most satisfied people have identified what they care about and ensure their days, weeks, and lives are filled with purpose. Having this sort of attitude toward your life can help carry you through rough days and hard periods, knowing you are ultimately striving toward a larger goal.

They Are Always Looking to Grow

Mentally strong people are always looking to grow in some way. Professionally, personally, by learning new skills, and in many other ways. They are satisfied if they know they are improving as a person or moving toward a hard goal. The sense of satisfaction that comes from self improvement is incredibly important to happiness, and ultimately to resiliency.

Many of us may get caught up in one aspect of our lives. For example, if we are obsessed with work and lose our job, it can be damaging to our sense of self. The most mentally strong people have multiple sources of support, interest, and self-esteem, so even in a crisis or hard period, they have the tools to get themselves through

They Set Measurable Goals

They are not satisfied with a vague sense of process. They set firm financial, professional, and personal goals, and steadily work toward them. Anything measurable gives them a sense of satisfaction, and they love to see incremental improvement over time.

At the same time, they are not demolished by failure. Mentally strong people are able to take in their mistakes and failures, and process how to be more successful the next time around.

Mentally strong people are aware of the connection between their minds and bodies and are sure to take care of their physical selves. They make sure they prioritize the essentials: exercise, diet, water intake, and getting enough sleep. All of these habits contribute to the stability and resiliency of the most mentally strong people. They wake up every day at their best, and ready to take on any challenges that come their way.

Now that you know some of the key habits of mentally strong people, you might want to be on the lookout for some habits to be avoided.


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Richard Owens

Beer Connoisseur, classically trained pianist, traveled to over 50 countries in my 20s alone, and lover of the arts.

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