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Good Deeds? Don’t Look Far. It’s Vocal

by Olivia Marlene about a month ago in product review

A letter of gratitude to Vocal

Good Deeds? Don’t Look Far. It’s Vocal
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Dear Vocal,

I simply wanted to say "Thank You!"

The universe led me to your site, you accepted me and made me freely write my thoughts. Your moderators swiftly check my work, and my stories are live online even before 24 hours.

Writing about my deeply-rooted pains and hurts freed me from the baggage of the past. Then it came with a bonus. While I'm writing here, the universe made an orchestrated move to fulfill one of my dreams. And Vocal became the universe's instrument.

Let me tell you my story:

1. Who am I and why did I start writing

I'm a lawyer from the Philippines. I'm living the life that I wanted now plus much more. I can say I'm blessed.

But I have a long life story of struggles. I was born and lived half of my life being poor. Being in that condition when I was young created deep inferiorities and insecurities. Those kept haunting me while going on with my life. One day or another, they affect me and my decisions.

So I started writing about the hurts and it healed me. The things that I once ashamed of became matters that me proud. You did accept all my stories and I was able to share them on my Facebook page. They were appreciated and even shared by my friends.

2. When I became a lawyer, I wanted to blog

I wanted to blog because I want to share my unique bar examination review experiences with subsequent reviewees. That was in 2014. I did start an account in Blogspot but no one ever found their way to my blog. I then reverted all my posts to draft and forgot everything.

3. In 2020, the pandemic hit and my desire to write came out once again

I started my personal blog. I bought a domain name and a hosting package which cost me $80.00 in total. I started writing but got frustrated that no one is coming to read my work. Add to it that I'm not technically capable to do SEO so I really won't be getting the readership that I wanted.

Then I was introduced to Medium. I wrote some stories there about my experience with the bar exam, some interesting Philippine Supreme Court decided cases, and articles on my Intellectual Property which is my area of expertise. All stories laid flat with reads not exceeding 100.

But the good thing is, I learned about Vocal on Medium.

4. Vocal gave my stories a break

I joined Vocal in December 2020. I started out by sharing my stories from Medium.

One day, I shared here one of my stories about Copyright. It has received 21 reads on Medium since it was published on September 15, 2020. But on Vocal, you accepted the story, featured it as one of the top stories, and even gave me a $5.00 tip. I was elated!

You gave my story a break. Your acceptance of my stories told me that all stories deserve to have space in your publication. You also made me realize that my stories deserve to be seen on the world wide web. It meant so much to me that I went on sharing some other case stories which also garnered reads.

5. Now, I am writing stories that I love

I'm now writing stories for the Philippine Bar Exam reviewees. The stories are in the form of motivational tips or case stories that they can use in their review. And Vocal selfishly accepts the stories and house them ready to share with the reviewees.

This platform has so much to offer to writers like me. Drafting stories and inserting images are a breeze. You even give moderation support to see to it that only stories worthy to be published get out in the open.

You give "tips" and tips. You feature top stories. You have weekly challenges. All of it on top of giving us writers a house for our thoughts plus making us earn some. It seems too good to be true but it's true.

On top of it all, thanks Vocal for:

Being an instrument for me to find my real readers. The readers who need my stories and will benefit from them. I have waited for 6 long years to connect to the Philippine Bar Exam reviewees. I have so much to share with them.

Now, I finally found them and connect with them every day through your platform. I finally fulfilled one of my dreams.

With utmost gratitude,

Olivia Marlene

product review
Olivia Marlene
Olivia Marlene
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