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Girl, Why Don't You Fight With Composure

When you are young, you should have the foresight and perseverance to sink your teeth into it. See around people in love, see who went to KTV again, and see who stayed in the dormitory for a few days on the Internet. So, you can not sulk, you doubt now hard for what,

By BobbyPublished 9 months ago 10 min read
Girl, Why Don't You Fight With Composure
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When you are young, you should have the foresight and perseverance to sink your teeth into it. See around people in love, see who went to KTV again, and see who stayed in the dormitory for a few days on the Internet. So, you can not sulk, you doubt now hard for what, why others are comfortable and comfortable every day, but I have to be lonely, constantly struggling. Especially, when you are still a girl?

  An aunt told me that when she was in her twenties, all the people around her were married, only she alone had not yet. Looking at her former colleagues holding a one-year-old child appeared in front of her, she only went home alone and silently swallowed tears. Just at this time, she met my uncle, all aspects are still suitable, she gave herself to marry. Originally she enrolled in a university course, but after marriage, which there is still time to read, the birth of a child is even more impossible. But the other woman with her was different. She is 26 years old, 26 years old, in a small place, in the last century, basically with a lifetime of marriage can not be equated. But she kept her composure, learning firmly from the gossip and gossip of the women around her in the neighborhood. Needless to say, at the end of this story, my aunt told me in a serious voice that the woman now had gone to Shanghai, and her speech, mannerisms, and vision were far beyond her reach. And it all started with that university refresher course.

My mother said that the happiest life of a woman is a life of rising levels of life. The most miserable women I've ever seen live are those who were taken care of in the hands of everyone when they were young and failed to marry a good husband, and then after their youth passed, their age went up and they didn't work hard at the most golden time. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers, provide the best possible service to its customers, and provide the best possible service to its customers, and provide the best possible service to its customers, and to provide the best possible service to its customers, and to provide the best possible service to its customers, and to provide the best possible service to its customers, and to provide the best possible service to its customers, and to provide the best possible service to its customers, and to provide the best possible service to its customers, and to provide the best possible service to its customers, and to provide the best possible service to its customers. So what if you were once young and beautiful? This kind of woman is the most miserable kind of woman I've ever seen living.

Girls in their early twenties are undoubtedly the best and most beautiful years. But most girls at this time have no clarity about their lives. We do not know what we want, what we are pursuing, or how to get happiness. Indeed, the most beautiful time if spent in love, comfortable and comfortable every day, it will be one of the best memories, but what about after the good?

  At your side that twenty-something years old nothing, boyish boy. If he chooses to struggle, then in time, your eye level slowly separated, when the sizzle of love faded, he repeatedly showed his affection for capable and mature female colleagues, you do not scold him for not having a conscience. After enjoying your best years but do not give you happiness later, after all, a lifetime is not maintained with moral condemnation and conscience.

  If he chooses to have fun with you, then in middle age, when you look back on your life and compare it with the people around you at different levels, you should regret that you have dragged your lover down, or when you hear Shakespeare's "true love makes one go up", you wonder if it is true love between you? Then please don't point at your husband's head and scold him for his incompetence when you are in financial straits later on. You know, you have at least half of the credit for such a status quo.

 Girls, no matter what time, please have your own goals and efforts.

  I have seen many girls, before falling in love have a vigorous goal and the pursuit of speech and manner generous atmosphere, and a variety of abilities to let the boys. After falling in love, I only see a boy behind the little girl, three words are her boyfriend, the entire future life in advance around him to play. Perhaps you will say, women should show weakness, be too strong, and boys will respect and stay away. I would like to refute that the premise of weakness is that you would have been strong, not in a relationship in the greenhouse boiling frogs like increasingly dependent. You are not a bird in a golden cage, to the time to fly to find yourself no longer adapt to the cruel world outside. Moreover, if a girl with a goal and a dream is called strong, then I would say that such a boy is too weak, he has to use the vulnerability of girls to maintain his weak self-esteem.

  I have never despised those men who are martyred, in my perhaps paranoid opinion, men are supposed to do great things, not completely indulge in the love of children. The martyrdom of this literary thing, to a woman responsible for the rest of all people, including himself is not responsible. In his family letter, Fu Lei said at length to his son, "Don't let a woman or a relationship soothe your career. We put aside the idea of male power in this, his argument is not without merit, you do not see how many heroes have sad beauty?

  Behind every successful man, there is a powerful woman. Maybe you don't have the power, but at least you don't become a pull-down resistance in his efforts to move up the road. You know, the earth's gravity is so big, that dragging a tail is not easy. Moreover, the most important thing is not this, but you have to silently endure the male society of all kinds of unreasonable to what time?

  Why do you have to struggle? I want to ask you, why the boys are struggling and you are not.

  The saddest thing is not that the sages revealed the truth to mankind but were misunderstood by the hooligans and killed by the masses he loved like Socrates and Jesus. Rather, after countless women have run for gender equality in society, more of our contemporary women imagine and resort to the taken-for-granted means or desperately trying to lose weight, plastic surgery, makeup, whitening, and then marry a rich second generation sitting in a BMW to finally become a life dream. You have to know that the rich second generation is not so much, you have to know that a vase at home will also look tired, you have to know that the new young beautiful girls with an onion like a cut off.

  These are ultimately words that please the male power. Why should you struggle, because you have never been and should be an independent individual?

  Don't think that the status quo is unreasonable, don't slide back into that comfortable little home because of your inertia and the powerful inertia of history. And what you have at home is not only comfort, it also has trivial chores, day after day of vulgar dramas, but for how long you are full of chatter all you can see will be your parent's shortcomings.

  Whenever I think of Nightingale, she opposed the resistance of the whole family and then determined to create a new career, I can not help but cry; Republic of Qiu Jin, Xu Guangping, to the police, how many women break through the prejudices of the world, the pursuit of free love, and how many women like men to save the country in distress; after the founding of the country, not to mention that women have worked with men, digging ditches, into the factory. Of course, this is also widely criticized by today's people for the lack of female characteristics. Whether this is entirely reasonable, we do not care. But looking around, what about women nowadays?

  Too many women's dream in life is to catch a golden tortoise son-in-law, no one comes to sneak up on her, but she is automatically sent to the door. More and more female college students imagine not their struggle out of the world but marrying a good man, to achieve a leap in life class. How many women rely on their faces and bodies to get ahead of the game? Women, you do not want to degrade yourself, you do not have any self-respect. Society is degenerating, you do not clean yourself, and do not need to be the first to degenerate. The door of the times was once open on the equality of men and women, women, now do not let this door be false because of yourselves.

  You know, let three men unforgettable Lin Huiyin, she has by no means just beautiful appearance, she also has outstanding writing, she was less than twenty years old to study in the United States with Liang Sicheng, and Liang has common aspirations.

  Women, please do not wait for a man to give you happiness, give you money and give you love. Such a wait is like buying a lottery ticket, it's too mysterious. Why don't you give yourself happiness yourself? Before you have the luck to get the happiness given by a man, please have the ability to give yourself happiness first. Or, you shouldn't be such a keeper, In the same society, why do men spell true talent, while women have another completely different path to success? Regardless of whether it is rugged or fast, the rules of the game in Chinese society should also learn the same as the United States to a double standard.

  When every successful woman in a certain interview want to say, had to say: women, too good, unless finding a good man or no good end; bright and shiny anchorwoman, beautiful face crossed a trace of unknown hurt, said in a serious voice: women, there is no fairness in the workplace; beautiful women have a smooth life, ugly women can not be turned around; the whole society of women's pursuit of beauty like the pursuit of men's success The pursuit of the whole society of women's beauty like the pursuit of men's success as the peak, or, women's greatest success is potentially defined as the beauty of the face and the devil's body, the quickest way to success is by beauty. When all this is the status quo that you have been taught, don't you want to try to make a little change?

  One hundred years ago, our students did not have the opportunity to study freely, the powers bullied and warlords mixed, many families' fathers sold their daughters, and the elderly starved to death in vain. But how many generations have sacrificed and worked hard for what we have now; a hundred years later, if the land of China still endures high prices, unsafe food, insecure medical care, fear of being hit, and children being abducted, then it will be a shame for our generations!

  One hundred years ago, several generations of women broke the shackles of feudal marriage, so that you now have the opportunity to fall in love freely with your boyfriend; a hundred years later, if your offspring still have to endure injustice in the workplace, and still end up in the family vulgarity all their lives, or ugly women never get a chance to get ahead, it will be a shame for you.

  It should never be just men who bear the responsibility for social progress. This society is enriched by differences and progressed by respect.


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