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Get Original Custom Lipstick Boxes Wholesale at GoToBoxes

Custom lipstick boxes

By Sophia LilyPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Custom lipstick boxes wholesale

Lipsticks are known for bringing attention to the lips and also hydrates them. There are hundreds of cosmetic industries that manufacture matte, glossy and glittery lipsticks. For a glamorous look, people prefer striking colors that are highly pigmented while for everyday use nude shades are being promoted. People are well-aware of eloquent packaging styles and demand a competent presentation for their product. The packaging company has been very innovative and is manufacturing elegant designs. We provide you with the individual: Lipstick Boxes that are ideal for making your product the hot sensation for everyone. Top-notch lipstick boxes are provided to the customers for building the reputation of the brand. Under no circumstances do we compromise on our quality. We deliver the best quality product that is perfect for the storage and delivery of lipsticks. Boxes are made from strong material that retains the shape and no damage is done to the product during transportation. The product is secured in robust boxes from various temperature and weather changes.

Custom Lipstick Boxes and Packaging

Printing is a key factor of customization and can be done in various colors and styles. Advanced trendy printing features are offered to make the box look elegant. One-color box can be made in white or black with mono-color printing or can be made in multiple hues with PMS or CMYK printing. Playful and glamorous boxes are made in bold outlook with images and pictures aligned beautifully by the graphic experts. The logo of the brand can be embossed or engraved on all Lipstick Containers for advertisement purposes. Water-proof printing is achieved by AQ coating. Spot UV coating is done as a targeted therapy for texture enhancement of the box. The finishing of the box is changed from matte to glossy by the use of lamination sheets. Raised ink is used to print taglines or inspirational text on a clear field for making a box captivating.

Eco-friendly of lipstick boxes wholesale

Biodegradable material is used for the manufacturing of boxes that is processed by softwood. The material used includes kraft paper, wood pulp, or lightweight yet strong e-fluted corrugated material. cardboard or boxboard along with paper stock are also gaining popularity due to their foldable nature. Reusable boxes help in the replenishment of the nutrients of the ecosystem by being converted into soil. There is no carbon emission during the recycling process. The cost-effective Lipstick Packaging is manufactured for all small and large-scale makeup companies. Discounts are offered on Bulk lipstick buying. No separate charges are applied for print support by professionals or tooling. Cheap boxes in premium quality are being offered in other amazing deals also.

Different shapes and styles of a custom lipstick box

Design your box from scratch exclusively. A Lipstick Box Packaging can be engineered in creative styles. The box format can be changed from the regular monotonous boxes into sleeve, pillow, front tuck double-layered, reverse tuck, auto-lock bottom, clamshell or lid, and base type of the box. You can also change the shape and size of the box. We can make a box according to the shape and measurements of the individual lipstick and convert the square box into a hexagon or pentagon. A compact box for one single lipstick can be made with silk lining. We make Lipstick Packaging Wholesale big boxes for providing the customer with many shades of lipsticks in one box separated from each other by the inserts or partitions. We welcome creative ideas and incorporate them into the design of the box. Die-cut windows in a box in fascinating shapes allow the customer to see the beautiful lipsticks from within the box.

Why choose GoToBoxes

Free overseas on-time delivery is provided to all the customers. Reliably lipstick packaging wholesale reaches within 4-8 working days with our fastest turnaround services. Boxes are mailed in their best form all over the world with an assigned tracking ID. Easy to assemble boxes are shipped in the flat form to save resources. Hassle-free delivery without any limitation of order is offered to all the valuable clients. We love facilitating our clients for making their experience at GoToBoxes flawless. An efficient team is hired for solving all the queries under the customer representation section. You can get the quotation and all kinds of information by clicking on the accessible website. Now through this web facility, people can get pricing knowledge while being at home for their specific orders.


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