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Get Original Custom Eyeliner Boxes Wholesale at GoToBoxes

Custom eyeliner Boxes

By Sophia LilyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Custom eyeliner Boxes Wholesale

Eyeliners have become a mandatory part of makeup. It is used by both sexes and is used to enhance eye shape. It draws the attention of the viewers to your eyes by making it more attractive. Eyes can be made look larger in size and are used by professionals for a long time. Initially, eyeliner was only used by the film and fashion industry but with the awareness and its popularity Eyeliner Boxes was adopted by all teenagers. You can wear it every day and can be used for creating drastically glam looks. Eyeliner industries primarily sold them unpacked or in simpler packaging options like plastic shrink bags or plastic sheets. In earlier times less attention was paid to the packaging and people were concerned about the product only. Today digital and social media has been spreading awareness about how important packaging is. These days packaging is responsible for maintaining the reputation of a brand. We have introduced Custom Eyeliner Boxes for your brands to win the hearts of the audience by their exclusivity. 

Why custom eyeliner boxes Packaging?

We make eyeliner boxes distinguished from other brands by the captivating prints in mono-color, PMS, or CMYK printing. The colors of the box are chosen by the client in attractive blends. Text on the box can be written in contrast colors and multiple fonts. Text on the box consists of a description of the product and some important manufacturing details. We make your product have a signature statement box with the logo printed on them in embossing, debossing, or raised ink. There are many types of eyeliners such as liquid, gel, marker, cake and they come in a matte, waterproof and shiny appearance. The liquid Eyeliner Packaging printed all over can be secured by an AQ coating. Spot UV treatment cures the box by adding texture and close to really feel with glossing. We offer multiple finishing options by the use of lamination sheets such as matte, glittery or glossy.#

What types of Custom eyeliner Boxes are Wholesale?

The style of eyeliner pencil packaging can be selected from a wide variety of boxes types. Box can be a 

• Sleeve box

• Pillow box

• Reverse tuck

• Auto-bottom

• Lid and base type of the box

• Front tuck double-layered

• Clamshell box

Dimensions of the box can vary as per the number of articles to be packed in a box. For more than one article inserts or dividers can be placed to keep each eyeliner separate from the other. We allow the client to make as many alterations to their box as they want. Box can be adorned with accessories and can have handles for convenient handling. We make every box adorable by using ribbons and a die-cut window can be made on the box with PVC lining to enable the audience to see the ravishing eyeliner bottles from within the box.

Eyeliner packaging for free Shipping purposes

We like to share the burden of our clients as their facilitation is our primary goal. We sell out customized Eyeliner Packaging on a pocket-friendly budget. Moreover, we ship these boxes to you reliably with no additional shipping charges. Boxes reach you with our fastest turnaround services in 4-8 working days. The top-notch best eyeliner display box can cause a rise in sales with its astonishing features. we offer wholesale discounts and other deals on Eyeliner Boxes that help you expand your business. Your product can steal the limelight in the market with its eye-catchy features and can become a hot sensation.

 Why Choose Us?

GoToBoxes craft eyeliner boxes from environmentally safe materials such as Kraft, cardboard, boxboard, or corrugated material. They are not only eco-friendly but also user-friendly. They can be thrown away and can be reused. They help in the replenishment of the nutrients of the ecosystem by bio-degradation. We offer remarkable web support and Custom Boxes can now get an online quotation for their specific order while being at home. Visit our website for any kind of information about eyeliner packaging. each customer is valued and we assist him for complete satisfaction. Our customer representative team works day and night to give them their dream eyeliner packaging.


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