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Get more leads for your real estate brokerage by using a virtual assistant

by Wayne Williams 9 months ago in how to
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Find Leads using a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Get more leads for your real estate brokerage by using a virtual assistant
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The main objective of lead generation is to generate the sales force to reach actual clients and get good conversion rates for your business. Most real estate agents spend most of their time looking for leads and closing deals. But that isn’t all that they have to manage. They also need assistance in managing their contracts, calendar and property databases.

However, hiring an broker assistant to do all of this can be costly!

Looking for easy ways to make business more productive and profitable?

Why not hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

You need someone reliable to take care of those tedious tasks while you focus on growing your business!

Real estate Virtual assistant services in USA can help generate leads for your businesses through a whole set of tasks.

As you know, lead generation is the key to a thriving real estate business, and your real estate virtual assistant can be the key to growing your business.

Below are a list of a trained Virtual Assistant can be a huge contribution to your lead generation strategy:

1. Social Media Posting Schedules

Posting on social media is important. If you want to show up in Google ranks or to get massive traffic and solid leads you should be posting on social media. Your VA can help in taking advantage and maximizing these social media platforms to capture leads and consistency.

Consistent updates of blog posts, real estate articles, photos and the like keeps your website active which drives more traffic and engagements. Having a virtual assistant working remotely keeps your business open 24/7. As we all know, no one likes to wait, but having a virtual assistant helps you provide clients a quick response to their inquiries, and/or concerns. Thus, clients would feel more important and accommodated.

2. Provide correct contact information

Now that your real estate virtual assistant has you getting some traffic to your website, you need to be found on maps. A lot of clients search for realtors using map applications. Your virtual assistants can update your contact information to make sure you don't miss any inquiry and information that they need. It is important to always be reachable.

3. Manage your contact list

Update your contact list and manage your data base for CRM. A real estate virtual assistant can ensure contacts are added to the list and making sure marketing funnels are in place. Creating Excel files to segment client status and keeping a log of clientele.

4. Unique Content

Creating a unique content, together with your images and videos are important. You need to generate useful insights or details for your listings or short write-ups in your website. Real estate virtual assistants can write an overview about your properties posted on the website. From the top things in the community, its amenities, facilities, house descriptions and many more. If your content is unique, ranking first on Google is as simple as can be.

In accordance with content writing, video is the future of content marketing!

Video stands out because it doesn’t tell, but it shows. On a platform where there’s more business content, the video stands out more. Let your virtual Assistant create and upload a virtual tour for your property listings.

5. Secure Online Reviews

Most realtors lack to promptly follow up with clients and get them to leave a review. Provide your real estate virtual assistant a pre-written email and thanking individuals for doing business with you or links to respond to online surveys. This will keep you in the loop in terms of how clients value your service.

6. Referrals

Most successful real estate agents generate several deals and leads through referrals from previous customers. Take advantage of a positive customer feedback. Let your results speak for itself! A referral program can be set up for existing clients to become representatives in your network of prospects and helps establish your reputation. Provide a script for your real estate virtual assistant to send out to successfully closed sales.

7. Create SEO pages

Have your real estate virtual assistant create SEO pages. Get an SEO optimized content to promote your listings and gain instant credibility and presence online.

8. Free Advertising Platforms

Expand your customer base. Let your real estate virtual assistant add ads to free online platforms like Craigslist, Zillow, Connected Invest and many more.

9. Community Service

While it's typical to give your client closing gifts or seasonal greeting cards. A successful real estate agent not only advocates for their clients, but as an engaged member of the town, it benefits all residents by making their city a better place to live, work, play and invest. By volunteering, you will improve your community, meet different people, new connections, grow your influence and strengthen your brand. Your real estate VA can plan for their design, content, printing and delivery.

Hiring Remote assistant services in USA is the smartest move to increase your business productivity and generate quality real estate leads. Remember, the best automation is a great Virtual Assistant!

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