From an Artist's Brain

by Dawn Mahaney 2 years ago in art

What goes on in there can heal many.

From an Artist's Brain

All artists know what I'm talking about. You know, when you're sitting there looking at your blank canvas, or paper and you start to envision things that aren't there. Swirls of color, shapes, and meaning that desperately need to come out. Your hands wanting to go with the flow through your brush or pencil with every image or thought.

Now the problem... getting those images down exactly from what you see in your mind. Your heart and soul crying out with passion, just to come out right so that others can experience what you see and feel. You dip into the paint and your brush starts to dance on the canvas, your heart spilling out in the process. Your eye noticing every curve, every line, every shade of color you add and where it's added. Trying to make this creation perfect in your eyes.

And usually, most of the time for many of us we aren't 100% sure we got everything we wanted out on that canvas. We are in fact the ones who are the most critical... of ourselves. This is just something we all do! I think a lot of it has to do with that desire for perfection. And that is such a hard thing to let go of. But through art, we can achieve this as an outcome. Our idea of perfection may not be the same as someone else's.

In our minds we wonder, what if other people don't see it the way I do? Of course this happens because everyone sees something different in all things. Everyone feels differently. But this is where art becomes a bigger impact and is far more amazing.

You see, with all that work you put into it, every single person will feel something. Whether it be from a positive or a negative aspect, it's still all a feeling. The artist obviously hoping for a positive critique but even from negative perspectives we can get a positive outlook on what we've created. The question is how did it make the person feel, deep down inside? Bringing any of those feelings out is very healing.

We do know that art can heal. Colors can heal the mind and the soul. You know how you feel with certain colors? Blue might make you feel calm, red might make you feel anger or even passionate, etc. Each color makes a person feel a certain emotion and this is amazing when you think about it. Everyone will have a different feeling with your art, depending on so many things. Colors, patterns, shapes etc., will cause an individual to feel something from the present or will even stir up nostalgic memories of a past almost forgotten.

The person who looks at our work, or purchases it to hang on their wall fall in love with what they see or feel, so much that they would like to be able to see it everyday. One of the best feelings is coming home to a space you've created with things you love including a magnificent piece of art that can take your breath away and make you really feel "at home." And this is also one of the greatest feelings for an artist to have. Appreciation for ones work!

And for us artists, all those images and feelings we had during our creations have come up and out on the blank canvas. This in itself heals! Seriously what an outlet! Being able to put all of you, all of your feelings, your emotions into your work for others to see and enjoy... such a great release! Even if no one ever had the chance to see what you've created, it still feels great! Because in a way you are documenting your world. And to go back and see that personal growth through art can be a big deal too.

All in all, art can do so much for so many people! I for one try to take time to really appreciate other people's art, I mean it's hard not to. There are so many wonderfully creative people in the world. And I've never believed that one should "stay in the lines," therefore anyone can create, anyone can use art as a way to let it all out. There really are no rules! You are the creator!

Even if you think you can't draw or paint, or do whatever other art form you can image, just try it! Just that movement with your hands, pencil or brush can be an amazing and healing outlet. Let all the chaos in your head come out on the paper. And you never know, you could be more of an artist than you ever thought, or at least a happier person. ;)

A Close Up of One of My Pieces

Dawn Mahaney
Dawn Mahaney
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