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Fifty Life Illusions

Life is never a smooth road, a few times up a few times down, floating, a few times crying a few times laughing, sad and happy, confident when we believe in our intuition, when disappointed, always take the feeling as an illusion, and these illusions will let people fall into some life whirlpool,

By BobbyPublished 9 months ago 15 min read
Fifty Life Illusions
Photo by Rafay Ansari on Unsplash

  Life is never a smooth road, a few times up a few times down, floating, a few times crying a few times laughing, sad and happy, confident when we believe in our intuition, when disappointed, always take the feeling as an illusion, and these illusions will let people fall into some life whirlpool, if not see through, may endanger your life. The following 50 life illusions, it is worth seeing!

  1、 Individual can only be changed by reality

  If you become strong enough, others will not be able to reject you; if you can order yourself, difficulties will not be able to hinder you ...... As long as you first change yourself, you can go to change your world, and change your life.

  2、Why am I always the one who doesn't meet with talent?

  There is no talent in the world, only people who do not know how to self-promote; the truth is that they are not good enough, not hard enough.

  3、It is easy to succeed in everything with the help of others

  Life on the road, everything has to rely on themselves - by their understanding, by their own will, by their pursuit ...... life is a one-way ticket, there is no return, we can only do is to keep trying, we can rely on only ourselves.

  4, do anything, leave yourself more back roads good

  Giving yourself a cliff without a way back is to give yourself a chance to the high ground of life, but also to give yourself a ticket to excel.

  5、Multi-talented, demanding all-round development

  In today's big knowledge explosion, no one can become a comprehensive knowledge of all-round talent, but only to become a master of a certain aspect of knowledge or a certain skill of experts. Therefore, in real life, multi-talented people, often can not compete with the sole specialty of a special talent.

  6, do not listen to the bad boy, it is difficult to become a great weapon

  The world is never perfect people and things, never make mistakes children grow up to become either mediocre or sooner or later make a big mistake. Therefore, we should moderately lower the expectations and requirements of children, encourage them to face their shortcomings and mistakes, encourage them to try in the fear of making mistakes, focus on the process of experience and gain, and take off the mask of the "good boy".

  7, everything can not be thought of as too simple

  The Great Way is simple! The classics are simple, the truth is simple, and the most useful things are also simpler things. Complexity can cause waste, while effectiveness comes from simplicity. Find the key parts, and remove the excess, and success is not so complicated.

  8, anything, you have to break the sand to the end

  Some things you have to figure out may make you very tired, and the results are often not as you think. Therefore there is no need to break the casserole of anything to the end.

  9、Physical deficiencies, so that I am ashamed of myself

  What's wrong with a little bad? Small rot can make the oranges sweeter, small problems can make men more lovely, and small moles make the beauty of the face more charming. Some defects are God's gift to you, treat them well, and you will have another unexpected harvest.

  10、If you don't take revenge, you are not a gentleman

  As the old saying goes, "A man who is patient and not angry is better than a brave man" and "A man who cultivates himself and his heart is better than a general who attacks a city". In life, tolerance can reduce the gap between people, so that we can communicate better and show more consideration and care for each other.

  11、Why is it always me who fails

  Grinding stone is the friend of the fast knife, grassland is the friend of steed, the obstacle is the friend of will, and difficulty is the friend of victory. Destiny is not predetermined by the sky, destiny is determined by the degree of struggle, by the person himself.

  12、You can't lie when you are a human being

  In the "breaking" of the boss Xia said: "No one wants to deal with people who are always hypocritical and smooth, but a single-minded honesty, but also easy to hurt people. Therefore, business people are concerned about great honesty, that is, at the right time, to the right person, say the right words." As you can see, the opportunity for everyone, to tell the truth, is very small. If frankness is a kind of harm, then, please choose the witty "lie".

  13, dwelling on yesterday's regrets, difficult to extricate themselves

  To become a happy and successful person, the most important point is to remember to close the door behind you, learn to forget all the past mistakes, mistakes, do not dwell on remorse, or regret, and always look ahead; time will not return, tomorrow is a new day, do not make the past mistakes, mistakes become tomorrow's baggage.

  14、Poverty is destined by God and cannot be changed

  Poverty is not scary, what is scary is the lack of self-reliance; poverty is not scary, what is scary is to retreat from difficulties or to be willing to be mediocre and poor and lead to lasting poverty. Compromise on poverty will lead to giving up on changing poverty in behavior, which will eventually make poverty stay with you for a lifetime.

  15、Eat the hardships to become a man of the world

  Modern people summarize several elements of success: correct thinking, relentless action, great character, skillful skills, God-given opportunities, and valuable health. It can be seen, that those who want to succeed, not only eat "bitter in the bitter" but also cooperate with the relevant conditions of support, those who just know to eat bitter, those who ate not worth eating bitter, and those who eat bitter as a magic weapon to solve all problems, I am afraid that only continue to "bitter in the bitter "the strange circle wandering.

  16、Everyone should be born to do great things

  The sea does not choose a small stream, so it can become big: the mountain does not reject small soil, so it can be on its high. We are now doing the work, perhaps too plain, perhaps chicken and peasant. But this is the work, is life, is the indispensable basis for the achievement of personnel. For the dedicated, everything is not trivial, simple is not the same as easy.

  17、There is plenty of time, no need to be in a hurry

  The tree wants to be still, but the wind is not only. The only constant in this world is changing, anything that comes to mind to do, and never to wait and delay. Life's road no one can retrace, today, although not the best, but exactly where you can work hard. Time is changing, the key is to seize the moment

  18、Problems come, learn ostrich to bury their heads in the sand

  Problems and difficulties, some people learn about the ostrich, and bury their heads in the sand; some people are learning from the tiger to face up to it. However, in real life, most people are the former, while the latter is as few as the morning star. Life will inevitably fall into the trough, this time you have to dare to stand out and do influence the source of all people so that you can seize the opportunity to stand out.

  19、Doing many things at the same time spreads the energy

  Goethe said, "A man can not ride two horses, ride this one, we have to lose that one, the wise will put aside all the requirements of distracting energy." Human life and energy are limited, we have to learn to put the spotlight on the mirror-like, excluding all the distractions of trivial matters, all the information, energy, enthusiasm focus and lock your goal, so that you do not want to succeed are difficult.

  20、Never take dreams seriously

  Human beings are magical because of their dreams, but have you ever found your dreams as you grow older and drift away from you, until the final disappearance? This time, you must confirm your dream has been stolen, and there is no courage and ability to retrieve it.

  21, neglect to change personal bad habits

  The ancients said, "Less into if nature, habit as nature." Bad habits are the heart lock we can't open; bad habits are the bends we can't turn; bad habits are the obstacles we can't see ...... good habits to keep, bad habits to correct, never let bad habits sway our future.

  22、Fear of making mistakes and refusing to try

  No one likes to make mistakes, but some people say: that making mistakes is the best learning, the so-called "learn from a mistake, grow wisdom" is the same reason. If we can look at the mistakes we make from another perspective, it may not be a good thing. Because we can learn from our mistakes and drive ourselves forward.

  23、Blind persistence

  Moderate abandonment is open-mindedness, and confidence is beyond oneself, is to put down the heavy to give yourself relaxation. There is no absolute desperation in life, when there is no way out, calm yourself, and give up, and new hope will be displayed in front of your eyes.

  24, for people in the world, too open

  The ancients have said: "The sea does not resist its water, so Sheng is great." The reason why the sea can accommodate thousands of rivers and streams is that it always puts itself at the lowest position, so it becomes vast and profound. The same is true of being a person, you should always put your position low, with a humble attitude should be, so that you can learn from all, to conclude a good relationship with people.

  25、Lack of courage to start all over again

  Failure is not scary, what is scary is not knowing why and defeat. Good at summing up the lessons of failure, analyzing the reasons for failure, and gaining rare experience, failure can become more valuable than money, is a new starting point, and is the stage of success.

  26、Follow the public, you can never go wrong

  Be your own master, have your thoughts, dominate your own words and actions, cherish your own emotions ...... because of the master of yourself, so more profound understanding of yourself. As a result of accepting oneself, so more like oneself, and then presenting the best side of oneself.

  27、Life just needs to maintain the status quo

  "The sky will come down on the people also, must first suffer their hearts and minds, labor their bones, starve their bodies ......", which tells us to stay away from the trap of comfort, to constantly put themselves in the "uncomfortable "The state, only then can have a big role.

  28、Never be a fool who is laughed at

  A person can only learn to skate after the east and west, let themselves like a fool stage, indeed, in any matter, only bravely let themselves learn a fool, he can make progress (Bernard Shaw).

  29, too intimate in human interaction

  Intimate have between, wonderful in the beauty of the distance. Looking at the moon in the water, the fog, watching the beauty through the curtain, deep in the mountains to explore the treasures. The charm of everything lies in the magical effect of distance. Keep the distance, sometimes it will give people a kind of hope and confidence, feel that faint warmth and fragrance.

  30、The mountain does not come, I do not pass

  When the difficult "mountain" does not take the initiative to move, we should take the initiative to approach them in the face of difficulties. Instead of waiting to create momentum, we should immediately take advantage of the momentum. When we can not make the mountain close to us, we can take the best way is to take the initiative to approach the mountain.

  31、Other people's words are always right

  Some of the comments of others may make you sad, but do not forget the phrase "I was born to be useful". Do not believe in the words of others, not measure their value by the goals of others. Learn to accept themselves, do not underestimate themselves, and always believe that one day they will have a stage of their own.

  32、What the eyes see can never be wrong

  Rabindranath Tagore said: "We see the world wrong, and conversely say that the world has deceived us". The world is not running in the reciprocal way you imagine, the reason why we see the world wrong, the fundamental reason does not lie in the illusion of life, but because our intuition is deceiving itself.

  33. Too much-blaming others without reflecting on self

  It is always easier for people to see the problems outside than to see the problems inside themselves, and it is easier to blame others than to examine themselves. Thus, cynical people from young and angry to old, squinting for a long time eyes to see what is not good. "Survival and safety, do not seek outside, the service in the self-knowledge ......" have a more comprehensive understanding of themselves, to find the entry point to resolve conflicts.

  34、The past is too heavy and biting, difficult to let go

  The reason why many people are difficult to be happy is that they can't let go of their hatred for others in their hearts. They do not know that hatred is a double-edged sword, hurting others and hurting themselves.

  35, do not distinguish between right and wrong "good old boy"

  There is nothing wrong with good intentions, but also to distinguish between right and wrong, without distinguishing the principles of goodness, is "foolish goodness", just like Mr. Dong Guo. Therefore, in the absence of clear whether something is worth doing before, to dare to say "no", do not be used by others, and do not accidentally become the scapegoat for others.

  36、Why is there always someone who can't get along with me?

  Thank the person who hurt you, because he sharpened your mind; thank the person who cheated you, because he enhanced your wisdom; thank the person who vilified you, because he sharpened your will ...... thank all the people who make you grow, because he, you will continue to progress.

  37、The people who always criticize others are the most annoying

  Can just criticize, accuse us of shortcomings and mistakes of people is our rare frank friends, well-intentioned criticism is like a jug of wine, when we are openly intoxicated in this world of friends and colleagues drink, criticism of the factor seems to be embedded in every intuitive feeling cells.

  38、Always feel unfortunate for your frustration

  When you encounter setbacks, you should feel fortunate because it proves that you will face greater difficulties and challenges, and it proves that you still have room for improvement.

  39、Often for failure to find excuses, but not for success to find ways

  Beautiful "excuses" will only make you lose the will and confidence. As long as we learn to think of every way, and exhaust all possible efforts, the world will not have "big problems", only the failure and regret caused by insufficient effort.

  40, only care about rushing, lost themselves

  As the saying goes, "steal a half day of leisure", we do not need to rush, live very tired. When disillusionment and indecision burn every nerve we have when the melancholy of helplessness comes, we need to give the mood a vacation, because of life, and just to rush.

 41、Happiness is always elsewhere

  The most pathetic thing about human nature is: that we always dream of a wonderful rose garden in the sky, and do not appreciate the roses that are blooming in our windows today.

  42、Without encouragement from others, there is a lack of motivation

  Others should look up to themselves than for themselves to look up to themselves. On the road of life, we have to learn to smile at ourselves. Fueled up and pumped up, what predicament can't be overcome?

  43 Work is so busy that there is no time to pause

  In life, we are also often pulled tight by an invisible line, so we struggle, and run suddenly, trying our best, but the result is tantamount to suicide. Sometimes, you take a break or take a nap, but often receive unexpected results. Because the pause is to refuel your life journey, to better get back on the road.

  44, by nature, to live their own

  Anger, can not control anger so that the surrounding collaborators deter; depression, indulge in their atrophy, the many fleeting opportunities wasted. On the road to success, the biggest enemy is not a lack of opportunities, or shallow qualifications, but the lack of control over their emotions.

  45, with their standards to measure and require others

  Many times, people with "good intentions", but did "bad things", because we wrongly take their preferences as the preferences of others, and their preferences require others.

  46、Being mean and difficult to tolerate others

  Tolerant people like the spring breeze full of life, people close; mean people full of murderous autumn breeze, people, distant. Generally speaking, instead of choosing to be mean, you should choose tolerance.

  47, the "saboteur" without the heart of prevention

  In our work, and life, there are always some people like this, they move around, annoy people is a veritable rotten apple in their circle. What we need to do is to "draw a line" with them, or to maintain a safe distance, so as not to be "infected" by them.

  48, always with their fault

  A lot of worries are mediocre, learn to let yourself go, there are no unhappy people in the world, only the heart that refuses to make itself happy.

  49、Worry, always worried that something bad will happen

  It has been proven that most of the things that people are anxious and worried about never happen, don't be overwhelmed by unnecessary "baggage", learn to take it easy, and laugh at life.

  50、Be happy with what you have, it doesn't hurt to be mediocre

  We are not able to fly but can fly the dream. The difference between the outstanding and the mediocre is that the spiritual world of the eagle soaring in the air.


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