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Features and Phases Of Developing a Fitness App

by Regina Deemar 4 months ago in industry · updated 4 months ago
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Fitness App Development

Fitness apps are quite popular for some time now. Especially, when people find it hard to find time to go to gym, fitness apps provide the luxury to get access to workouts designed by top fitness trainers at affordable prices. Although every fitness app has its own set of functions, all applications have some common qualities. There are some features that every fitness app must have:

Profiles of Users

Fitness apps are designed to assist users in achieving their personal goals, such as weight loss, muscle building, healthy eating, etc. Therefore, a fitness app must have a profile where users can update their personal data such as current weight, height, and age.


This one is simple: simply remind users of their training sessions, provide discounts when it's time to get in shape, and notify them if other users have commented on their posts, among other things. However, it's important for businesses to not abuse notifications as users can get frustrated with constant notifications appearing on the screen of their smartphones. It's important to think outside the box and be in touch with clients without making it overwhelming.

When you are creating notifications feature for your fitness app, feature rapid actions to allow them to jump immediately into an activity from their notifications in the settings, preserve a log of all notifications so that it becomes easy for users to track their achievements at a convenient time.

Keep track of your physical activity. One can use Apple's HealthKit and Google Fit APIs to access the health and fitness data collected on their platforms. It becomes easy to perform the monitoring function by connecting the app to a smartphone's sensors.

Social Media Sharing

Users love to connect with others having the same goals. This way, users become more than happy to share the app with their friends and family members.


It’s always a motivational thing to look at the map to see how many kilometers one has walked, cycled. It provides motivation and satisfaction. Therefore, having a geolocation feature becomes a necessity.

Calorie Counting And Meal Plans

Naturally, when designing a fitness planner software, we can't forget about meal planning and calorie counting. The best apps in this category include extensive ingredient information and recipe recommendations based on the user's goals, preferences, and constitution.

What you can do to improve this feature:

Add barcode scanning and external nutrition data to dynamically change advised meals based on consumed/spent calories and allow consumers to track their water intake.

Different Phases of Building a Fitness App

The start-up Phase

In every development project, the startup phase is the very first step. During this stage, the following steps take place:

  • Define the scope of work for the project
  • Make a project roadmap.
  • Plan on creating an MVP and resources and budget for the same.

The startup phase takes weeks. You have to create a functional specification, a visual prototype, UX/UI design, etc.

Technical Documentation

A technical writer creates the product's technical specifications based on the client's requirements when creating technical documentation for a fitness app. It contains use cases, platforms, and any other information needed for the fitness app developer to begin developing solutions.


The design team takes time to build an exceptional design for the fitness app, including both UX and UI components. Again, the cost of designing your own workout software is determined by your needs; you may only require standard functions, but you may also demand specific micro-interactions.

Development Phase

At least three developers are required when you wish to build an Android and iOS app and for that you need iOS and Android mobile app developers, and a backend developer.

Quality Assurance

Testing phase ensures the product is of good quality. QA engineers are responsible for providing the quality assurance. They examine the code for flaw and highlight other bugs to ensure that end-users get the best product in their hands.

Live Streaming

You'll need to incorporate a class streaming option if you want to make a gym app. Peloton is an amazing example of this, and I'm sure we can learn a lot from them. What matters is that all of these aspects work together to provide a seamless gym program experience.

Educational Content

Keeping our spirits high and attaining our fitness objectives might be difficult at times. Educational materials that teach us the principles of food and exercise may be helpful in these instances.

How Much Does it Take to Build a Fitness App?

The cost of the fitness app depends upon the platform used, features of the app, the country of the organization. There are also ready-to-use on demand app solutions available that can be customized as per unique needs of a business. And ready-to-use solution can bring your business online instantly.


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Regina Deemar is a content writer, Inbound Marketer, and blogger who writes on the latest technology and business-related topics. At present, she is working with Cerebrum Infotech, a leading software product development company.

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