Everything You Need to Know About the Art Glass Market

by Claire Peters 5 months ago in art

Anyone who is interested in art trends will want to pay attention to it, so here is a basic guide to the art form.

Everything You Need to Know About the Art Glass Market

Art glass artists use glass to make both decorative and functional pieces. Although there are specific types of art glass that have a lengthy history, such as stained glass, there are more contemporary art glass forms which have emerged in recent decades; these forms typically involve shaping glass in a kiln.

Contemporary art glass works may be made purely from glass or have other elements integrated. With the recent discovery and expansion of this art form, the art glass industry is seeing a surge in popularity and value.

Emerging Art Form

Glassblowing may have a long history, and basic glassblowing techniques haven’t changed a whole lot over the centuries. But the idea of glass being a primary ingredient in modern art didn’t enter the art world until recently.

Art glass is one of the newest emerging art forms in the US. Unlike other well-established types of art, art glass has been a noted art form for less than 60 years. This means that people interested in studying the evolution of art in society can learn from watching the art glass market and seeing how it establishes itself in the art market.


One of the things that limits the potential of art is the cost. Famous pieces can command millions of dollars when sold at an auction.

This precludes people who are not millionaires from even considering a purchase, and the limitations extend beyond the most expensive works sold. It is common for paintings by contemporary artists to sell for more than $2,000.

In contrast to the high prices associated with other forms of art, art glass is affordable. One of the key reasons is that there are a wide range of art glass products available so the price points range considerably, making art glass something that people with average incomes can still indulge in and enjoy.

Skill Recognition

Every form of art requires specific skills from the artists. Art glass is distinct from some other forms of art because the artists must work continuously from start to finish on products. A photographer can take a break between photographs and a painter can leave their work and return to it at another time as needed; this is not true with art glass. One of the specific features of glass blowing is that doesn’t offer the opportunity to stop and take breaks. Glass is fragile and must be handled carefully in order to prevent it from breaking.

The most famous artists in the art glass field are distinguishing themselves with elaborate works that convey mastered skills and attention to detail. These artists must prepare fully and focus on bringing works to completion to capture their vision.

Emerging Secondary Market

Not only art the works and materials provided by leading art glass companies, such as trautman art glass, varied to include works affordable to those at middle class income levels, there is also a demand for resale.

This is a relatively new secondary market in the art world. And due to the recent emergence of art glass, people who are interested in entering the art market can do so and anticipate strong resale demand. This means that art glass is a strong option for anyone who is interested in investing in art. On top of that, continued growth in the field of art glass is expected in the coming years.

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