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Escape Room; Tournament of Champions.

by π™ΊπšŽπš•πš•πš’πšŽ π™³πš˜πšžπšπš‘πšŽπš›πšπš’ ☾ about a year ago in movie review
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A Movie Review; Contains Spoilers (Duh)

Clip from the 3rd room.

Escape Room 2; Review- Spoilers (Duh)

Scientists are taught to question everything.

Children are taught to question everything.

As a viewer of the movie β€˜Escape Room : Contest of Champions’, We once again have to hone the skills we learned as children in school. As kids we learned how to find words in jumbles of letters, How to spot Waldo in a jumble of people and how to spy whatever happened to be in β€œTheir Little Eye”.

I grew up loving science, History, EyeSpy, And most importantly movies- So There I was in october, My sister and I are in the middle of a Horror Movie Marathon- We Just ended our favorite movie of all time- (β€œScream- β€œ1996) a movie that we may or may not have seen a million and one times, And we decided it was time to broaden our horizons and watch a new movie.

We put on β€œEscape Room.”

Of course I immediately fell in love with Ben, Even though he had been a drunk and (originally) a selfish character- But the more he grew to love Zoey the more I grew to love them both. Zoey’s genius was something I aspired to reach- As was her selflessness. Ben’s character arc throughout the movie was impressive and never felt crammed. Although I must admit Amanda came in extremely close third as being a favorite character.

The way Amanda showed such care in the midst of Zoey’s panic- It warmed my heart.

To sum up the preamble in the shortest of terms; We loved the first movie.

With the first movie ending in a cliff hanger- We knew that there would be a sequel. As the great β€œRandy Meeks” says, Sequels rarely surpass the original and my sister and I tend to listen to all of his rules. However, We put our sequel bias aside in consideration for how much we adored the cast, Characters and the movie in general.

My big sister- (Eileen), Had been adamant that we not watch the trailer to keep us both as surprised as possible. The most we saw were clips that we couldn’t skip in time on youtube and such, And of course the name.

β€œContest of champions.”

My first thought was Hunger Games; Catching Fire - If you haven’t seen it, Or you don’t recall- The movie’s main plot is that the main characters from the first movie get put back into the hunger games because of a loophole called the quarter quell, In which all the previous winners get pit against one another.

So, Even though the plot was a bit recycled I wasn’t expecting them to play the characters as they did. When you watch the second movie in the Hunger Games series, You notice slight hints that there will be friendships blossoming (At best) or Alliances (At worst). However in tournament of champions, You have no idea how they’re going to play these characters as far as relationships go.

We’re all aware of the previous relationship between Ben and Zoey, But when the pair land themselves in the subway train car, (Which was an obvious trap) You genuinely have no idea how the other β€˜Players’ are going to react. In the first movie when the β€˜players’ figured out they were trapped, They were all angry and lashed out at one another. Yet in the sequel what you see most is despair- They were all quite literally in a hell especially made for them, And were suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

I will say, I feel that the first death happened a bit too soon- And yet somehow I was already attached to him. I knew it was coming but I felt so sorry for him after hearing him talk about his wife and her birthday.

So here we are, knee deep into the scene where lightning has basically been created from nothing- Everything around them has become a conductor for potential death. I genuinely found it amazing how the β€œPuzzle Makers” came up with such an inconspicuous and detailed room. Each β€œChampion” had to be led onto that train car with an individual purpose- And it was blatantly obvious within moments that they had re-entered the game.

I’m going to introduce the new rating for this movie review: Highest rating 10 soda’s lowest 0.

To rate the first β€œRoom” I would give the subway car and the preamble to it a β€˜Six Soda’s’ out of ten. If the movie had done more to show that they weren’t so obviously being led to a new β€œEscape room.” I would have probably given it a ten- However I am not a large fan of predictability.

The second room was one that appealed to me on a personal level, It was an Art Deco style bank- Designed to look like Al Capone was ready to walk into it at any moment. The checkered floor I had immediately assumed would be some sort of clue- I wasn’t expecting lasers though! I know I should’ve expected it, Considering the room was a bank.

Although the bank scene was extremely well thought out, I have to laugh at the irony for how irresponsible the priest becomes. As the timer runs out for their time in the bank, The β€œPlayers” are faced with the challenge of knowing which tiles to step on and which ones will literally slice and dice them into oblivion.

The player whom we find out is an ex-Priest, Decides to go on faith- Considering they were looking for numbers and codes in a bank of all places- He had assumed that faith was his only option. Now we know something that they all do not- It’s that Zoey is a borderline genius, Something that Ben tries to tell them and is promptly ignored until she saves them all and herself at the last minute by finding the right code and all but tossing herself into the β€œVault”.

So β€œThe Bank” ? 10 out of 10 Sodas- My favorite room, Everyone survived.

The third room is a lot more complicated than anything we’ve seen before- It's a beach- One that vaguely reminds me of the first movie when the whole room almost freezes them to death. Ben comments on the likelihood of Landmines and you get multiple shots of crabs being boiled alive- An irony which is not lost on me at the end of the movie.

It turns out parts of the room just so happen to be quick-sand and one of the players (Who is clad in metal piercings) sinks under first- Both me and my mom think it was a magnet pulling them down but that's our prerogative. The priest uses the clue to save her but he β€œDies” in the process.

.If you didn’t see it, It didn’t happen.

Not only does the priest β€œDie” but so does my favorite character Ben- Someone my sister and I have gotten so attached to, We actually screamed in the theater. He sinks into the sand just like the priest- Meanwhile Zoey and another player escape into what was pretending to be the β€œMoon”.

Beach room? 0 out of 10 sodas.

The room that traumatized me the most may have been when Zoey thought she had escaped (The first time.) After she climbed into the tunnel shaped like the moon her and another player made their way to something that seemed like new york city.

Another player is waiting for them already- Screaming in pain and warning that its still the game and that the rain is set on a timer- The rain was acid. We previously found out that one of the players can’t feel pain and she ends up saving Zoey at the expensive of herself and the other female players.

Im not gonna lie, I cried really hard- The acting was amazing and heartfelt and gut wrenching all at the same time. I give the acting a 10 sodas, I give the scene a 2 because it made me cry.

The last β€œRoom” we come upon is a childs room- Filled with toys and a chest that encloses a diary- It's then that Zoey figures out that the whole game has been themed around Amanda’s daughter.

It's also then that I realized Amanda had to be alive, And its true- She was! In fact Amanda was the person who created this whole particular game. We find out that Amanda never had a choice and she reveals to us that Ben is still alive.

At this point the whole thing seems too easy- Zoey is smart but to have clues right in front of her and us? Its just getting suspicious. Apparently our amazing protagonist begins to see it too- As her, Ben, and Amanda β€˜escape’ from the game- We get to watch as Minos is β€˜Uncovered’.

It doesn’t take long to realize that they never really left the game- It's the little clues that wouldn’t mean anything on their own- Yet together make large differences. Zoey and Ben land themselves on a plane- Something that has been looming over viewers since the beginning of the first movie.

Of course they set themselves up for a trilogy.

As for a rating on the movie? 10/10- I loved it.

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