The Movie - A Work In Progress - Chapter/Episode 1.

Chapter/Episode ONE of ENOCH—The Movie—A Work In Progress—from ENOCH the Metaphysical Novel by David Alexanders English (C2018) The inspiration for this work has always been the incredible story of Enoch. There has been so much mystique and misunderstanding around this character down through the years. It is a wonder and a testament that this singular figure holds such a revered and curious place in the fascination of so many thinking people of all cultural traditions to this day, regardless of whatever belief system to which one subscribes. The goal was to humanize this character; by positing the notion: what if he really existed; then envisioning, fleshing out how might his story have actually occurred.

The first time I read about his story it was from a study of his Book of the Luminaries within URIEL’S MACHINE by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas (1999). I immediately imagined a man standing in his fields, being visited by a personage that he knows immediately to be not only not of this world, but possibly one of the beings his ancestors had long been in communication with. I could see and sense this scene through my minds eye like it was really unfolding before me. Over the years I felt this would make a great movie, and hoped at some point to get someone to make it. I thought at one point that it would be the perfect opportunity to try my hand at writing a screenplay. But when my writing schedule finally cleared for me to begin this project, something said to write it as a novel first, because I had at that point written and self published six novels in two years, and felt confident in being able to competently execute this. Once I was publishing the novel, something said to draw it as a movie...

In the fall of 2018 I recorded the audiobook version of the novel, intending to draw the movie with the audiobook as the foundation. At new years 2019 I invested in a tablet and began drawing the movie based on the audiobook. After six months of drawing I began to put together the first chapter and discovered the audiobook is five hours. Rather than edit this down I hit upon the idea of releasing it as an episodic work in progress... and the rest as they say is history, her story, ourstory...

Stay tuned. If you’d like to support the work, donations welcome via http://Daenglish.com/donationbin.htm

The music for the first chapter/episode is called “BARE”, from THE TWELVE JOURNEYS UNDER NEATH, Copyright 2019 David Alexander English. All rights reserved. Available via http://daenglish.com/davidsmusic.html and all major streaming services.

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David Alexander English
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