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Elephant Training and Success

Success is cultivated over time, with involvement

By Cosmin ChildPublished 8 months ago 4 min read
Elephant Training and Success
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Maybe you are amazed because if you were at the circus, you did not see any thick chains, no well-fixed pillars. That’s how it is! Over time, throughout training, the thick chain turned into a thinner one, then into a rope, then into a thin string, and then into “nothing.” The elephant, however, got used to it! He now spins in a circle without the need for anything to hold him tight.

You may be wondering now what the connection is with success.

We are generally educated for mediocrity, we are educated to circle. Someone constantly tells us that we are doing well or, on the contrary, that we are doing wrong. At school, we are taught that there is only one correct answer. Life teaches us, however, that there are many correct answers. At school we do not learn how to adapt to change, but, on the contrary, we learn to be only a certain way. We learn mountains of books, which is not necessarily bad, only that at some point a uniformity occurs, and our brain is no longer encouraged to discover, research, experiment, and innovate. Elephant Training and Success

The thick chain of the elephant is very often the education received at school, often even the one offered in good faith by the parents. We learn from it and slowly, slowly, we consider it the only correct one. Have children been taught at least in passing that the greatest risk is to risk nothing? Unlikely!

Slowly we learn limiting habits and beliefs and, even if we no longer have a secure chain around our neck, we prefer to keep the area of ​​safety and comfort, we do not dare to step further or closer. We form beliefs that throw us into mediocrity, one of the beliefs being that a well-paid job can be a brilliant career.

Try to ask yourself: how many beliefs limit your life, limit your joy, the way you are, the way you live, the way you act? Can you assume for a moment that everything you learned is false, just for a moment? It assumes that the opposite is true, that is, what you previously considered to be false or impossible. It’s a wonderful exercise. Find out what things are really important to you and ask yourself if a thick chain didn’t let you get to them.

Maybe this thick chain doesn’t allow you to enjoy your personal or professional life enough. Maybe you realize that you don’t want an expensive house or maybe you can have it if you want. What are the things that matter to you? Have you had the courage to shine so far? Do you have the courage to shine more, both in your personal life and in your professional life? Maybe there is an unpolished diamond in you, and the chain, turned into a rope, convinced you that it is not worth polishing? This invisible rope limits us, it is present in each of us, it is the blockage to being new.

Many people say that time means money. That’s right, but it also means something more than money. Time means LIFE! My life, yours, our loved ones! We still have to live on this earth for 10, 20, 30, 50, or more years, we don’t even know that. But we know that we can become the directors of our future, to stop being actors in other films. If your life were a movie, what kind would it be? Would it be a drama, an action movie, a comedy, a love movie, or some other genre? Maybe a combination? Each of us has a chance, namely to write for the most part his future script! Each of us has the power to go beyond the invisible chain and become the director of our future.

You may be wondering what is the significance of training elephants in your life? Or you may be wondering what movie you want to direct next! You may be wondering if you let the diamond in you shine! Or maybe you’re not wondering! We always have the freedom to make choices! The above questions are endless, but the answer is up to each of us, it is our right to answer honestly. There is no universally correct answer, the correct answer is the one that every human being dares to offer.

I want something for sure. Namely, to encourage you, at least for a moment, to go beyond the invisible rope, at least with the thought. Maybe you will like it or maybe you will be scared, but the joy of knowing and knowing you will be a unique experience. I wish you the strength and the will to be happy or happy!

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