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Eco-Friendly Packaging – Not an Option, But a Necessity

by Justin Martin 2 years ago in product review

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Packaging helps to make your products shine in the market also is the best friend of your products. Custom eco-friendly food packaging made with customized shapes and sizes, which refers according to the need of your products. However, there are millions of different products with different shapes and sizes, which depend upon the product's nature.

The basic purpose of custom eco-friendly product packaging is to hold the products, providing them easy to grip protective zone with marketing efforts as well. Therefore, ecofriendly has zero harmful chemicals involved because it is recyclable and manufactured from pine woods with unique manufacturing styles, including custom die-cut, scoring, gluing, and perforation.

Talking about Eco-Friendly Packaging Manufacturing Processes:

Before the manufacturing startup, the Kraft sheet has to be built up in a specific way and installed on the patch sheet according to the accurate custom designs of the products. This material contains less chemicals by which it is not harmful for putting any food items in it.

In today's world, eco friendly cosmetic packaging used more than any other boxes made up of other materials; some people prefer other material boxes. Still, most of them use Kraft paper boxes because they made from strong pine woods. Kraft boxes are recyclable everyone knows that, and the best part that they are strong enough to lift heavy items for transportation and shipping.

Because Kraft boxes made up of Kraft paper from where they get their name are not harmful to the ecosystem. Custom Kraft boxes have many types in the world that you can't even imagine based on a specific purpose. For instance, to perverse fresh, fast food like pizza from getting cold during its delivery timing, preserving electronic products for a long time, i.e., computer systems and flagship phone batteries, displaying jewelry items, etc. Some examples of Eco-friendly Kraft boxes are:

Slide Drawer custom Kraft boxes:

These types of custom kraft boxes commonly used to put items according to their size and shape. These custom kraft boxes made of kraft paper with two side folding with an open front and a sleeve, which helps to cover up the open front.

Jewelry kraft Boxes:

Custom kraft boxes used to put jewelry items inside for the displaying and selling purposes. Usually, jewelry kept in plastic boxes, but due to the rigidness of the kraft paper, custom kraft boxes used too. Custom kraft boxes not so expensive compared with other materials like plastic or glass. Some companies prefer custom kraft boxes to differentiate their brand from one another.

Custom kraft boxes are rigid so that the jewelry kept safe in them, plus companies earn more profit using custom kraft paper boxes. Custom kraft boxes also used by handmade jewelries because it looks astonishing, cheap, and strong enough to preserve the jewelry from breaking apart.

Food packaging custom kraft boxes:

Custom kraft boxes' the best packaging choice for food items. Because of low chemical usage, and with the complete harmless formation with an extra ability to recycle, custom kraft boxes used in packaging bakery goods, fast food, and even cultural food items.

That's why bakery items such as cake, pastries, chocolates, and other baked goods use kraft mailer boxes to wrap these items for any type of occasion. These custom kraft boxes are designing so elegant and attractive for each food item that looks amazing from outside as well as inside. Probably, these fancy custom kraft boxes used on birthdays, Christmas, cultural events, and even on religious occasions.

Electronic items storage:

Custom kraft boxes used to preserve electronic items used in our daily lives. Mostly custom kraft boxes used for electronic goods like laptops, batteries, attractive gadgets, etc. The reason because kraft boxes made of kraft paper made by strong pine woods; that's why including a natural capability in the kraft boxes, the electronic goods saved from any kind of short circuit plus custom kraft boxes can lift weight electronic items like heavy CPU, etc.

Custom kraft boxes manufactured using die cutting techniques. Using the die-cutting, these boxes cut in a rectangular shape; after that, it's easy to just fold the flaps and curve them according to the cuts.

Appearance Options On Your Eco-Friendly Boxes:

Appearance options basically used for the marketing industry. It depends upon the way the packing of any items looks. There are four types of appearance options for boxes.

Custom Window Cut:

Custom window cut boxing used for the displaying purpose, the top benefit of custom window that customers see their products lying in its packaging. Due to this type of packing, it's easy to see the product before buying or opening it. This helps to decide what type of product you want and with which color.

For example, small electronic gadgets such as phone chargers, hand frees, phone casing's, etc. have various amounts and types of shapes sizes and colors, you can't open every box of these electronic goods to choose which product you want. Custom window cut saves your time to figure out your needful product easily.

Gold Silver Foiling Box:

Gold silver foiling boxes used for the attraction of the packaging. These techniques are also used for marketing purposes. In a market place, shiny gold and silver color attracts customers towards themselves even if they don't want to buy the product. But more often, when the customer checks out the glowing box, it got sold. If you see it from a different angle, the expensive items are kept in shiny gold silver foiling boxes.

Embossing and Debossing:

Embossing and Debossing is a process of printing images on the boxes in a way that the image raised or recessed on the paper or boxes. The embossing process displays the image has raised on the box, and debossing is its opposite. The embossing process held by pressing a sheet of paper into a female die that has a design engraved or etched into it. It used on boxes of various types of items such as on the boxes of medicines, cards, etc.

Overall, many other addons available, but these four are the commonly used addons for your eco-friendly boxes.

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