Dropshipping 101 - How To Make Money Through Social Media Influencers?

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Dropshipping 101 - How To Make Money Through Social Media Influencers?

Social media is huge in this day and age and the influences on these platforms are now the biggest celebrities on the planet, being an influencer on social media has a lot of perks and brings a lot of opportunities to sell products, get donations, get sponsors, sell ad space, and much more but becoming a social media influencer takes a lot of work and dedication these days that might take you years towards achieving influencer status.

However if you know a little bit about art, design and fashion you can create unique designs to sell to these social media influencers.

How do I sell my designs?

You can strike a deal with several social media influencers to generate exclusive merch for them and sell it on your own dropshipping site while giving them a percentage of the sales. This is a very worth it deal as they command large numbers of followers who would gladly spend good money on unique merch with their names on it. In fact, this is the exact strategy that we adopted at SaleSource, but instead of aliexpress dropshipping, we did ebay dropshipping.

All you have to do is contact them and ask them if they would be interested in selling unique merchandise with their brand on it and make money from it as well. That’s a very hard offer to refuse.

How do you contact these people?

Most of these influencers don’t have handlers or other people who respond to direct messages so messaging them directly can be a way in but it can take a while for them to reply back to you. Most influencers though will publish a contact email of phone number for business and propositions just like the one you want to make to them.

How do I get them to say yes?

Well the first thing you need to make sure of is that your designs are unique, don’t present to them a plain design that they could have done themselves, it need to be unique and eye catching.

The same goes for products that you're selling in your store - they need to be interesting, unique and eye catching.

Also have something to show them before hand, don’t just walk in there unprepared have at least four designs ready before you even contact them about this.

Be direct and to the point, don’t start over sharing or try to flatter them half to death, be yourself, be confident and trust in your designs, make it clear to them that they can’t get this anywhere else and also establish what is in it for them.

Also you shouldn’t get upset if they say no, just say thank you, move on the next one and keep going, there are plenty of influencers and opportunities out there so don’t get stuck on one.

What if I don’t know design or art?

If you have no skill in this area don’t worry about it, there are plenty of freelance artists and designers on sites like fiverr.com and upwork.com that you can hire to do all of your designs for a very good price.

Follow these simple steps and you can start expanding your dropshipping business through social media influencers.

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